52 Lives

Second Chance Fund

The Second Chance Fund was launched in September 2022 thanks to a generous grant from one of our long-term supporters - Bill - who wanted to provide a way for us to give extra support to people we have helped in the past. He initially talked about leaving a legacy for this purpose, but decided to (in his words) celebrate being alive by donating a portion of it right away.

The Second Chance Fund is a pot of money that will be used to fund essential small items for people we have helped previously, to give them a little boost of support in times of need. We hope that a small amount of well-timed support may help prevent larger issues from developing.

For example:

  • We could equip a child with school shoes or a blazer
  • We could provide clothing for a job interview
  • We could replace a broken small appliance
  • We could buy warm winter bedding
  • We could buy a mattress when a baby outgrows a cot
  • We could provide some support after a bereavement

The fund will be managed by 52 Lives and limits will be placed on what someone can apply for and how often to ensure the fund helps as many people as possible for as long as possible.

The Second Chance Fund was initially funded by Bill’s donation, but we have since had some generous donors helping to top up the fund - and we welcome donations or legacy gifts from anyone else who would like to contribute. We know many of you raise funds for us through marathons or Facebook fundraisers – please feel free to ask for those funds to be earmarked for our Second Chance Fund if you wish. As always, 100% of what you give will be used to help people.

You can also make a donation to our Second Chance Fund on the link below.