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#97 Teresa

Request: Things to keep her babies safe

This week, we would like to help a young woman called Teresa, from London.

When Teresa was a little girl she was abused by her dad, and her mum had mental health issues, so she was put into care. Teresa is 18 now and has 2 children of her own, aged 3 months and 14 months.

She is out of the care system and lives on her own now, with some support from a social worker. Her children’s father is supportive but doesn't live with them.

Teresa’s health visitor told me she is a wonderful mum, very gentle and patient despite the difficult circumstances she has been living in.

Last week, the health visitor spent some time with Teresa, and experienced what her daily life was like. She saw first hand the challenges she faces. Her main concerns were about the safety of the children - there are things that need to be made safe in her house but she simply can’t afford to do them.

There is a large opening to her kitchen, which needs to be gated, but an ordinary stair gate won’t fit. They have tried to get funding for a larger stair gate without any success, but the only solution they’ve found to push the sofa across the doorway, so Teresa has to climb in and out of the kitchen, and her toddler has started to copy her.

She also in needs protective film for glass in the bedroom doors, as it isn’t safety glass.

The other thing Teresa needs help with is a special cot. Her 3 month old baby will soon grow out of the moses basket, but her 14 month old still needs to be in the cot. Her flat is very small wth no space for 2 cots. So they are in need of cot bunks, which are expensive and way beyond anything Teresa could possibly afford.  

Teresa is very much in need of kindness. She is doing her but, but some support would make a huge difference to her life and that of her children.

What We Need

1. Gifts from her Amazon wishlist - We have set up an Amazon wishlist for Teresa including the stair gate, safety film and cot bunks that she needs. The cot bunks are very expensive, so we have also added some £10 gift cards which people can buy to put towards the bunks. Any help you could give would be wonderful. To buy a gift card or one of the items, please click below. They will be delivered to 52 Lives and we will deliver them to her.

Buy A Gift

What We Did

Within a day or two, not only had the safety film, the stair gate and almost all the gift cards been bought, but I was contacted by a very kind lady (who wants to remain anonymous) who said she wanted to buy her the cot. I told her we almost had enough gift cards to cover the cost of the cot, so suggested she could just buy some gift cards towards it. This this was her reply....

"Jaime, I have been in sad, bad places when I was younger. Now I am a lot older. I will get the cot for her. The cost of the cot was spending money for my holiday. So I'll work harder and spend less on a holiday that young lady probably wont have for a very long time. She NEEDS that cot - I don't NEED to waste money on buying stuff!"

What an incredible lady. I know you don't want to be named, but thank you so much for your kindness.

So in the end, we gave Teresa every item she needed, along with £600 in Amazon gift cards.

I don't have the names of everyone else who helped, but a big thank you also to Bridget Warren for the stairgate, Pamela Pearce, Louise Brown, Sam Jackson, Kerry Stewart, Karen Grant, Roy Smith, Iona Mackenzie, Jam Thorp, Jen White, Jacqui Drewett, Julie Raton and Rebecca Roberts. I know there were so many more of you who bought gift cards and sent lovely messages, so thank you to each and every one of you.

I loaded up the car and drove everything to Teresa's health visitor. She was so grateful - she gave me a big hug and said to thank everyone who helped.

It's going to make a massive difference to Teresa's life and help keep her baby safe. xxx