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#96 Dawn

Request: A plasterer and painter / donations / gifts for her boys

This week, we’d like to help change the life of Dawn, a 44 year old woman from Milton Keynes.

Dawn and her husband Tony both work as carers, looking after elderly people who have dementia. They also have 4 lovely boys, Callum (7), Casey (8), Thomas (24) and Scott (25).

In January 2015, Dawn was diagnosed with stage three Inflammatory breast cancer. She underwent six months of chemotherapy, including a double mastectomy with radiotherapy. Sadly, a couple of months ago a biopsy confirmed her cancer was back. She is now awaiting a scan to check for stage 4 cancer.

The impact this has had on Dawn and her family life has been enormous. It’s obviously been devastating for them emotionally, but it has also made things tough on a practical level. Dawn hasn't been able to work, so they have been living on one wage. Thomas moved back home when Dawn was diagnosed to help look after his younger brothers. So the house is quite cramped. At a time when they have so much else to worry about, we want to help make their home life a little bit easier.

Dawn and Tony recently had to have their roof repaired as it was leaking. As well as causing damage, the leak was making one of her sons unwell as it was worsening his asthma. Colleague and friends helped them out financially to enable them to pay for the repairs. But they have still been left with water damage to the bedrooms.

This family are going through so much and we want to do something kind for them.

What We Need

1. A painter/decorator 
We're looking for a kind company to donate their services to replaster and paint the walls in Dawn's home which have been water damaged (around 3 walls).  If your company is willing to donate its services, please complete the form below to let us know. 

2. Donations
If we can’t find a company to help with the plastering and painting, we need donations to help cover the cost of labour and materials. If we do find a company to donate their services, any donations made will be put towards helping the family with their living costs. If you would like to make a donation towards the work please click on the donate button below. 

3. Gifts for her boys - We want to help to redecorate the boys bedrooms and also give them some treats. So we've set up an Amazon wishlist and asked them to choose some things they would like.To buy one of the gifts, please click on the link below.

Make a Donation

Buy a Gift from the Wishlist


What We Did

We raised over £1000 in donations, gift and gift cards to help Dawn and her family.

- This kind man - @rob1rumble - donated his services to help repair some water damaged walls for the family. Rob you are wonderful. And a big thankyou to Paul Hopwood @chubbymonger for covering the cost of Rob's materials and giving him a hand. Two amazing men. Thanks so much!

- And a lovely lady called Christine Blunt donated paint.