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#87 Simon

Request: Donations for a powered trike

This week we are trying to help a family from Bridlington in East Yorkshire - Simon, Jennifer and their 2 boys.

Simon was a knocked off his motorbike in 2005, and was left paralysed from the chest down. It change their whole world. Simon had to give up job as a skilled panel beater/mechanic, and Jennifer also had to leave her job to help care for him. They lost their home and had to move into council accommodation.

Simon has done everything he possibly can to be the best dad he can be to the boys, who are now 15 and 17. The eldest is a boxer. Determined to support him, Simon went to college to train as a gym instructor so he could train him to help him excel. It wasn’t easy, and Simon faced many obstacles along the way, but he completed the course, and now helps to train other children as well.

Simon has found it tough to do all the ‘normal’ dad things with the boys. But one thing he has always wanted to do was to bike ride with them. He considered getting a hand pedal bike, but has severe arthritis in his hands so it hasn't been possible. Jennifer has been saving for years to try to buy him a powered trike so he can go out with the boys, but they are expensive and she can’t afford to keep putting money aside to save up for it . She has saved some, but still has £2000 left to raise.

Simon deserves some kindness, and his boys deserve to be able to go riding with their dad. We would love to help them raise the extra money they need.

What We Need

Donations - To help Simon buy the powered trike they have been saving for.

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What We Did

We raised more than £1400 in just one week to help Simon buy his trike. This is a note posted by Simon's wife, Jeni.

"It was absolutely amazing to be able to walk along our seafront instead of looking at it from the front of a car! Cannot even begin to describe the difference this one trike has made..it's amazing xxxx."