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#84 Tracey

Request: Carpet / Gift Cards for Food and Furniture

This week, 52 Lives would like to help a 21 year old single mum from London called Tracey. We heard about Tracy from a health visitor who is working with her.

Tracey spent her early years in the care system. She was fostered by a family, but her foster mum sadly died when Tracey was just 8 years old. Tracey’s oldest foster sister then took care of her until she turned 18, but that sister now has a large family of her own and cannot help her financially.

Tracey is a single parent and has an 18 month old little boy. The health visitor said he is extremely well looked after and loved, but he has had a developmental delay since birth and so is being seen by the child development team, Paediatric consultants and physiotherapists. He walked very late and is very unstable on his feet, so has a lot of falls.

Tracey and her son were living in supported accommodation and have just moved into their own accommodation. But she has very little. She was given a grant for paint, and received helped from the council with white goods. But what she desperately needs is carpet and some things for their home. The health visitor was concerned that her son has a lot of falls on the rough, bare floorboards, and thinks carpet would allow him to explore and find his feet in a much safer way. Her son is also in need of a toddler bed, as he isn't far away from being able to climb out of his cot. Tracey has been saving hard for carpet, a toddler bed, and other furniture, but she is a long way from being able to afford any of it. She just wants to make a lovely, safe home for the two of them.

Tracey receives very little support from anyone and is very much in need of kindness. Your help with make all the difference in the world to her and her little boy.

“She is a fab mum and has coped so well with all of his challenges and numerous medical checks and tests. She is thoughtful and creative with helping him improve his development at home and always demonstrates real patience with him.” Tracey's health visitor.

What We Need

  1. Carpet: Do you know a company that might be willing to donate carpet for Tracey and her son? Please complete the form below and let us know (for various reasons, we are not able to accept smaller donations towards the carpet this week, so if you would like to help with a smaller amount, please consider buying a gift card instead, as that will help Tracey save money – sorry for any inconvenience!)
  2. Gift cards: We would love to help Tracey to be able to choose some much-need things for their home, and also help her buy groceries for her and her son. The best stores would be Tesco, Argos and Amazon. Please click the links below to buy a gift card. (Please note, we have only added Amazon gift cards to the wishlist this week, as Tracey needs some time to work out what she needs most).

Buy a Tesco Gift Card online

Buy an Argos Gift Card online

Buy an Amazon Gift Card from Tracey's Wishlist

Gift cards bought online or in store can be posted to:
52 Lives (Life # 84)
PO Box 329
Hampton, TW12 9DF

E-Gift Cards can be emailed to:

What We Did

We received almost £500 in gift cards to help Tracey and her son. Thanks to Julie Clarke, Nathan and Michelle from Canada, Sarah McKeon, Mrs A Oleary, Ann Ross, Helen Bridge, Deb Saunders, Amanda Belfield, Lesley Emery, Margaret MacKenzie, Jillian Walker, Melanie Lambert, Peter Stuart, Neil Gardner, Margaret Phelan, Donna Elias, John Small, Vicky Gilderdale, Lara Clark, Jeanette Hall, Gemma Reidy, Josephine Flannigan, Charlie Thaine, Anna Waldeck-Evans, William Ferguson, Helen Dyson, Shaun Henstridge, Sally and Ami from Swotzerland, Matt and Janet, Lynne Mwaka, R Wolfe, Tracey, Hayley, Lynne Mwaka, Mandy Dell and lots of anonymous donors.

Carpet for her home - thanks to our corporate partner, Orchards, for helping with this.

A quilt - A lovely lady called Pauline took the time to make a quilt for Tracey's little boy.

So much kindness in one week! Thanks everyone