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#80 Children in Belfast

Request: E-Gift Cards for Christmas gifts and food

This week, we are sneaking one more daycare centre into our annual Christmas project.

We heard about a daycare centre in Northern Ireland that works with a lot of families in need. Many of the parents are struggling to buy Christmas presents for their children, and even having enough food for Christmas day is proving difficult for some.

It’s called the Lorag Children’s Project and is based in Belfast. The staff work with disadvantaged children in the Lower Ormeau community of South Belfast. Some of the children that visit the centre are living in extreme deprivation. Some of the families are refugees and have no recourse to public funds, while others are single parents surviving on very little.

Many of these families don’t have easy lives. We would love to help make their Christmas a special one.

With less than a week until Christmas, I initially thought we didn’t have time to help, but with a bit of imagination and some help from the staff there, we are going to make it work!

What We Need

e-Gift Cards – As there is very little time left, we are requesting only Digital Gift Cards this week. They will be emailed to the staff at the centre, who will arrange food and presents for all of the children at the centre in need of help.

Buy an eGift Card for Argos

Buy an eGift Card Tesco

Please email gift cards to jaime@52-lives.org

What We Did

We wanted to help make sure all the children would receive Christmas presents. And thanks to all of you we did just that! We were cutting it quite fine on time, so we requested gift cards so the teachers could buy gifts for children who needed them. 

Thanks to the Wheatley Family, the Nesbitt Family, Karen Shield, Jeanette from West Yorkshire, Magi Mackenzie, the Barton Family, Richard Harwood, and many anonymous donors, they were able to buy gifts for the children who needed them.

“We really appreciate the opportunity your charity has made to enable us to bring a little brightness into our children's lives this year.
We are completely overwhelmed by the response.
The kindness and generosity of everyone is amazing.
Thank you so much the work you do. It is truly amazing." 

All the women and children at Windsor Women's Centre