52 Lives

#8 A Teenage Mum

Request: A laptop (second hand or new) to help her continue her education

This week, we are trying to help a 16-year-old mum from London (who needs to remain anonymous so apologies for referring to her as 'the mum' constantly).

A health worker told us her story, and we hope between all of us we will be able to find her the help she needs.

This young mum spent many of her teenage years in a children's home, as a result of neglect and physical abuse. A family nurse has helped her return to education, and the health worker supporting her believes she is a bright girl with huge potential - given the opportunity.

She has an eight month old baby, and only receives assistance with crèche hours for the time that she is actually in class, meaning she isn't able to use the computers in the library to do her homework or study.

She is a kind and loving mother and is so keen to create the best life she can for her baby, but it is an uphill battle. A laptop would help her achieve her goal and, given what this young girl has been through in her life, the gesture itself may help her even more.

The health workers have tried to find her a laptop through various charities, but it is considered a luxury request so they have always been turned down.

Fortunately, 52 Lives isn't bound by those rules and can help!

What We Need

A laptop (second hand or new) to help her continue her education

What We Did

Less than 24 hours after posting the request for a second hand laptop, 52 Lives received a message from an incredibly generous person offering to buy a brand new laptop for the young mum.

Buying an expensive gift for someone you don't know, who won't be able to thank you and who you will probably never hear of again, is pure kindness.

So, Richard from Jersey - THANK YOU! Your gift will change that teenage girl's day-to-day life, and hopefully will also help her feel cared for and supported. What an amazing man you are.

Richard also bought her software and a carry case, and 52 Lives arranged laptop insurance for her.

A letter from the mum we helped

Dear Richard,

I am writing to thank you so much for my laptop. Not only have you given me the inspiration I need to go forward in life knowing I will be successful and I will have a better future for me and my baby, but also to know that there are genuinely amazing people out there such as yourself who believe in others and help those in need because you see potential and yet know it’s hard because of the situation I am in.

I will never be able to thank you enough for your amazing act of kindness. I will never forget what you have done, for you have changed my life. You have helped me with my education as it is a struggle trying to focus on college but also focus on my baby.

I will be eternally grateful and wanted you to know how happy I am and how lucky I feel. I now know that there are people that believe in me and I am determined to do well in life. I am pursuing my course until the end and then hopefully going to university and you have given me the inspiration to know that I can do it no matter how hard life may get. It does not matter that I have baby – I can still do it and I am determined to have a better life for me and my baby.

Thank you so much for the laptop. You will never know how much this means for me and how much this will help me.

Yours sincerely,

M (name withheld)

A letter from the health worker, who took the laptop to the young mum

I cannot thank 52 Lives and the wonderfully kind donor, Richard, enough.

Myself and the family nurse delivered the laptop yesterday to the young parent whilst she was on a break at college and it was one of the most moving experiences I have ever been involved in...she was totally overwhelmed that someone who had never met her would do something so kind and what she said was 'all my dreams are coming true'.

Richard had written a very inspiring note to her which I think she treasured as much as the laptop. She is the most wonderful parent, warm and kind to her little girl and when she said 'I kept trying to save for the laptop but A.. (her 10 month old) always needs things', it highlights her ability to really prioritise her child.

She has so much potential and is entirely committed to her course but this laptop just makes her life easier and puts her on a more level playing field to other people on this course.

52 Lives is an amazing organisation which inherently believes 'most people are good and kind'.

I really believe this act of kindness is changing this young lady's life and kindness truly is infectious.

I cannot thank Richard and Jaime enough for caring enough about other people.

With so much appreciation. xx