52 Lives

#68 Millie

Request: Donations, gardening, carpentry and a holiday

This week 52 Lives would like to help a 10 year old girl called Millie, from Connah’s Quay in North Wales.

Millie suffers from Lissencephaly, a rare and incurable brain disorder which has left her unable to walk and talk. She has extremely painful joint and muscle spasms daily and is very stiff in all of her limbs.

Millie is cared for full-time by her mum, Debbie, who is a single parent.

Two years ago, Millie also developed pancreatitis, and has an attack about every 4 months. Debbie described these attacks as horrifically painful and absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

Doctors said Millie would be unlikely to live beyond her fifth birthday, but this amazing little girl is defying all the odds.

Since she was a baby, hydrotherapy sessions have made a huge difference to Millie. But as she has gotten older, it has become increasingly difficult for her to attend the sessions, as she is often unwell.

In desperation, Debbie started a very long and difficult fundraising journey to raise money for a hydrotherapy pool for their garden. She raised enough to start the build, and with the support of some kind businesses, including Jackie and Darrell at Flintshire Crane Hire Limited, it is almost complete.

Debbie is reliant on benefits and money is incredibly tight. She doesn’t have enough for the last essential pieces of equipment she needs – mainly a hoist and a shower trolley, which will enable her to get Millie in and out of the pool and shower her afterwards.

Debbie has been incredible, but she is quite simply running out of energy. She devotes every bit of herself to making life as pain-free as possible for her little girl, but she really could do with a bit of help. She struggles daily to make ends meet and they have very little. We would love to help make their lives a little bit easier.

What we need

1. Donations – towards a shower trolley (£2912), a ceiling track hoist (£1450) and an all-terrain buggy for Millie.

Donations can be made by:
Paypal - Login at www.paypal.co.uk and send money to: d-jw@live.co.uk


Cheque (made out to Debbie Jones) and sent to:

52 Lives
PO Box 329
Hampton, TW12 9DF

2. A family holiday – Some time away for the family is a luxury Debbie can’t afford. We would love to help them go somewhere.

3. Gardening – Since the installation of the pool, Debbie’s garden is a bit of a building site. They need some help in making it presentable again once the work is finished.

4. Fitted cupboards – Debbie is struggling for storage space for all of Millie’s medical equipment. We would like to help by installing some cupboards in her utility.

If you, or your business, can help with any of these requests, please let us know by completing the form below.

What We Did

A lovely man called Paul Curry from PC Property Services has volunteered to install the cupboards to hold Millie’s medical supplies. He is also installing a new toilet (donated by Thorncliffe builders merchants), painting their utility room and sorting out the garden once the building work is completed on the hydrotherapy pool. Paul you are just amazing. Thank you so much for donating so much time to help Millie. You can find out more about Paul’s company (or tell them how brilliant you think they are!) here - www.pcprop.co.uk

I was also contacted by a couple called Sue and Henry Pearse, who have donated a week in their holiday cottage in Dorset for Millie and her family in September. Thankyou Sue and Henry! It’s incredibly kind of you, and they are all so excited to be able to go away together. It’s not something they would otherwise be able to do, so you have made such a difference to their lives.
You can see their beautiful cottages here www.tamariskfarm.co.uk/holidays

And finally, we have so far raised around £1300 towards the cost of the shower trolley and hoist for Millie. Fantastic!