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#67 Kathryn

Request: Gift cards for groceries or donations

This week, 52 Lives is trying to help Kathryn, a 36 year old mother of 2, from the Isle of Wight.

In February 2011, Kathryn was driving the van they she and her husband, Nic, used for their furniture business. She swerved to avoid a bird, and went head on through a wooden telegraph pole and hit a tree. She was airlifted to Walsgrave University Hospital, Coventry, and officially died 4 times on the way to the hospital.

Kathryn was put into an induced coma, and was expected to be left quadriplegic, with locked in syndrome and unable to breathe by herself. She spent over a year in hospital and intensive rehabilitation.

Kathryn has defied all the odds. She can talk, use a wheelchair for mobility and is even beginning to learn how to walk again. But in order to care for his wife and their two children, Nic had to sell their family home and they are now living in a caravan on the Isle of Wight.

Because Kathryn does not fit in a medical “box” she has really struggled with such basic things like accessing ongoing therapies, counselling or pain relief, and they often have to rely on paying for her treatment themselves. Her private physiotherapy, for example, costs £80 per hour. But it is making such a difference to her that they often forgo buying groceries in order to pay for it, instead relying on the local food bank for their meals.

Having to choose between feeding your family and medical treatment isn’t something anyone should have to do. This lovely family is in a desperate situation. We want to help make their life a little bit easier.

What We Need

1. Gift cards for groceries 

If you would like to send a gift card to help the family buy food, they can be bought from most supermarkets, and sent to:

52 Lives
c/o Orchard Wealth Management 
Charles Bisson House
First Floor
30-32 New Street
St Helier
Jersey, JE2 3TE

(52 Lives is in the process of setting up a PO Box, but in the meantime our lovely corporate partner, Orchard Wealth Management is letting us use their address!)

2. Donations 

If you would like to make a donation to help Kathryn and Nic, please click the link below to visit their website. (Donations can be made via paypal or credit card)

Make a Donation

What we did

The family received a massive £7330 in donations! And we have so far received more than £400 in gift cards for them.

Thankyou so much everyone. This has absolutely changed this family's life, and without so many kind strangers liking, sharing and donating, none of this would happen.

"For once Kathryn is speechless! This will help massively towards her private therapies which in turn will help with self confidence.
I have always believed that she will beat this accident and one day she WILL walk by herself which is something that I got told a few days after her accident she would never do ever again.

Kathryn says that with all the negative things that have happened to her that it just shows that there are plenty of people out in the world with huge hearts.
Without this it would cause us financial crisis. We are also looking at whether we can get back on the property ladder. We have seen a bungalow that is ideal for us all to move forwards.

Thank you all so much from all our little family. The comments on your page are heartening and give us all determination to push on through.
Much love to Jaime for supporting us." - Nic