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Request: A fence

This week, 52 Lives wants to help an elderly man from the Moreton Bay area of Queensland, Australia.

On May 1st, the Moreton Bay area (which is just north of Brisbane) was hit by what has been called the worst flash-flood in its history.

More than 380mm mm of rain fell, most of which was in just 3 hours, and roads were being cut off at a rate of one every minute. For those who were out on the roads, it was a terrifying ordeal.

Five people sadly died after getting caught on flooded roads. But without the bravery of an elderly man, it would have been 6.

This man was nominated by someone working in the state government, via a local charity helping with disaster relief. Because of this, I’m unfortunately not allowed to share details of the situation or the man himself – as much as I would like to! (I'm working on it).

What I am allowed to tell you is that this man risked his own life to save the life of a 21 year old woman. He is an absolute hero.

Sadly, he is having quite a hard time now. Although he saved one life, he also witnessed a horrendous event during the floods, and has been struggling mentally ever since.

This man could do with a little bit of kindness.

He and his wife live in Caboolture. They had quite a lot of damage to their fences in the flood, and it is not covered by insurance - we would like to fix it for them.

What We Need

1. A builder/carpenter etc. to donate their services to repair the fence.

If you are a skilled trademan and would be willing to donate your services, please click the button below or email jaime@52-lives.org

2. Donations towards the cost of fence repairs and / or materials for the repairs.

To make it easier, you can donate directly to this man via the local charity helping with diaster relief - Givit. Just click the button below, and it will take you to their donation page. When you make the donation please write 'Caboolture fence' in the comments box, and it will go directly to this man.

Any donations we receive that are not needed for the fence (either because someone has donated their services or because we have enough) will be donated to help another elderly resident in the area who lost part of her roof.

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