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Life #50

Request: Donations towards a physiotherapy vest

Blake is a 2 year old boy from Leeds, UK.

When he was just three weeks old, Blake was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis - a life-limiting genetic illness which affects mainly the lungs and digestion but nearly all organs too. There is no known cure.

Blake is on 6 different medications and has to have daily physiotherapy sessions with parents, usually involving patting his back, sides and chest, and doing vibrations to help loosen everything in his chest and clear his airways.

I knew someone with this illness when I was growing up and witnessed many of his physio sessions - they were intense, and the daily routine became tedious for him, but it was crucial.

And for this little boy, it has simply become part of day to day life.

Blake’s mum and dad are trying to save money to buy a physiotherapy vest, which would vibrate Blake's body to help to clear his airways. Unfortunately they aren't available on the NHS and so they will have to buy one from the US, at the huge cost of £7000.

When I read Blake’s story my first thought was that £7000 was too much to find in a week, and so I asked his mum if there was something smaller we could do for Blake. As soon as I asked, I realised how ridiculous it sounded. Just because we probably won’t be able to raise the full amount, should we not bother to try?

Blake’s family have just started trying to raise money for the vest, so a bit of help from us - no matter how big or small - would be a great start to their fundraising efforts.

What We Need

Donations! This vest will help improve Blake’s quality of life, and we would love to help them buy it for him. I know £7000 is a lot of money, but if we can help them raise even a few hundred pounds, it would give them a wonderful start. So please give what you can, and share this request far and wide!

What We Did

I was hoping we could kick off their fundraising effort with perhaps a few hundred pounds. But thanks to all of you wonderful people, we managed to do much better than that, raising over £700 for Blake.

Thankyou to Kam Bawa, Lundie, Jean Hack, Maria, Paul P, Richard, DV, and all the anonymous donors. You're amazing!