52 Lives

Life #46

Request: Christmas presents & school shoes

This week 52 Lives is trying to help some families in Feltham, London.

There is a teacher called Hannah who works in one of the local schools in Feltham, where many children are living below the poverty line. Some of the children at her school simply won't get any Christmas presents at all this year. None.

This lovely teacher is trying to collect as many Christmas presents as she can, so she can give them to the parents to give to their children. It's beautiful, and what Christmas is really all about ... spreading love and kindness, and doing something magical for some children who need it most.

I was so inspired by what she's doing and I would love to help her get as many presents as possible so none of the children miss out. If we don't help Hannah, some of these children won't be getting any presents. So please do help if you can, or share this with people who might be able to.


1. Christmas presents, for boys and girl aged 4-11. I'll be taking all the gifts to the school next week (Monday), so gifts can either be posted to me ASAP or, if you don't have time, I can help you arrange it.

2. School shoes. Hannah is also trying to help some of the families buy school shoes. If you have old school shoes you'd like to donate or if you would like to buy a Clarks Shoes gift voucher so the families can buy new ones

What We Did

We bought dozens of gifts for the children, which the school used to set up a 'shop' where parents who couldn't afford presents could go and choose things to give their children for Christmas. We were also able to donate Clarks gift vouchers which allowed some of the children to have their feet properly measured for shows for the first time in their life.

"The response was, for many parents, overwhelming. They were truly touched at the kindness form complete strangers. It meant some of the children had their feet measured for the first time and shoes that fitted correctly and were comfortable." Hannah, a school teacher.