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#410 Leo

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This week, we’d like to help a 9 year old boy called Leo, who is a young carer for his mum, Leanne.

Leanne has severe arthritis and asthma. Her support worker said she has no quality of life. She's only young and has struggled to accept her diagnosis, so also has anxiety and depression.

Leanne’s husband cares for her as much as he can, but when he isn’t at home, it falls onto Leo's shoulders to look after his mum and his three younger siblings.

Their support worker said: “Leo does not complain and does what he is asked. He loves his family and helps to care for his younger brothers and sisters and always hugs his mum when she’s sad or upset about her health or the disrepair of the property.”

They’ve been living in a house that is in a terrible state for more than a year – they haven’t even had cooking facilities. After many complaints to the landlord, they were evicted.

Social services has helped them to find a property, but they need lots of things to make it into a home.

They all need beds and warm duvets for winter, as well as drawers for the children’s bedrooms. We'd also like to arrange for some days out for Leo and his siblings, and help Leanne to buy them some extra special Christmas presents.

What We Need

1. Donations: We'll use 100% of what you donate to help Leo and his family. You can donate online or by text using the details below.

2. Gifts from a wishlist: We've set up a wishlist filled with lots of things they need. To buy a gift from the list, please click the link below and choose the gift you'd like to buy - just tick 'this is a gift' and choose the 'gift registry address' when you check out and it will be sent directly to the family.

3. Kind messages: We'd love to send them lots of kind messages ... to send a card or message, please either email your message by writing it in the form below (your contact details will not be shared) or you can post it to: 52 Lives (410), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.

Buy a Gift

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Thanks to all of you, we were able to buy them beds, drawers, a sofa, and all of the warm bedding and toys were bought from the wishlist. They also received gift cards for clothes and food. The kind team at Prizeology also donated a brand new Nintendo Switch – Leo and his siblings had been asking for one for Christmas, but Leanne never expected that she would be able to fulfil their wish.

Thank you all so much for doing this for them. You have made their homelife so much better and given them a very magical Christmas.