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Request: Donations so she can pay for surgery

This week, 52 Lives wants to help Melony, a woman from Australia. Melony is struggling. Financially, emotionally and physically.

Melony was nominated by someone who works at her children's school, and when I first read the nomination, I dismissed it quite quickly. Too quickly. It was only when I later went back to it and read it in more detail that I realised just how much this woman needed help. You see, Melony needs a breast reduction, which in my ignorance I thought sounded like a luxury - and something I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to help with. I could not have been more wrong.

Melony has two children, a son who has autism and a little girl. Her husband has depression.

Melony has battled with self-confidence over the years due to people staring and making comments to her about her appearance. She even stayed home for 2 years as she did not want to be seen. She struggles even now to go out in public.

Melony has been desperately wanting a breast reduction since she was 16 years old. She suffers migraines, rashes, back and neck ache due to the size of her breasts. This feels like an incredibly personal thing for me to share about her publicly, but it is having a negative impact on every aspect of her life and I really want us to help her.

She is developing a dowager’s hump already. Everyday jobs are unbearable for her. She can't even pick up her children when they need comforting.

She just wants to be comfortable and free from pain.

The lady who nominated her said Melony was unable to even bring her son to school one day recently as she couldn't afford to put petrol in her car. So paying for surgery is not even remotely within her reach. Medicare rebates are available but they don't even come close to covering the full costs.

A fundraising page has been set up for Melony. I know we won't be able to raise the full amount, but anything we can do to help would be wonderful. Please help if you can. It really will change this woman's life.

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Donations so she can pay for surgery

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