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#4 Pat

Request: Grocery vouchers​

I came to hear about Pat through a friend, who is a supporter of 52 Lives. Pat is a 70 year old pensioner from Queensland, Australia. She is a widow, is visually impaired, and lives alone with her dog.

Earlier this week, someone broke into Pat's home and stole her handbag, money and keys. Pat was devastated. A very kind soul at her local police station saw her crying and made her take $30 to help her out.

Between all of us, I hope we can do even more for this lovely lady, who could do with some kindness.

I know giving money can be tricky, so I thought grocery vouchers would be the next best thing. They can be bought online in just a few minutes and I can arrange for them to be sent to Pat.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to send Pat a grocery voucher and I will let you know how to do it. You can do it from anywhere in the world.

What We Need

 Gift vouchers for groceries

What We Did

We thought this lovely lady could do with some kindness, and decided to send her some grocery vouchers and gift cards to help make up for her lost pension money.

52 Lives received $100 in vouchers from our supporters, and sent them off to Pat in January 2014. Thanks to everyone who helped - especially the very generous Nicky Stevens.

When we called Pat to tell her the good news, she said she had been having a tough few days, but that she felt this gift was the start of good things to come.