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#369 Bree

Request: Donations / Gifts / Messages

This week, we’d like to help a 20 year old pregnant woman from Wales called Bree, who was made homeless after her mum died.

Bree has struggled with severe anxiety for most of her life, to the point where she had to be home-schooled. Her mum was a huge support to her but she sadly died when Bree was 17. Bree’s dad didn’t handle her death well and kicked Bree out of the house - he said he wanted to grieve on his own.

Bree was sofa surfing for a period of time and then lived on the streets. She was placed in temporary accommodation for a short time and is now about to move into a permanent home – her first proper home in years.

Bree is five months pregnant and has no support from her family or from the baby’s father.

Bree was nominated by a homelessness support worker, who asked if we could provide some things Bree needs for her home and to help her prepare for her baby.

What We Need

1. Donations: 100% of your donations will be used to help Bree get set up in her new home and prepare for her baby. You can donate online or by text using the details below.

2. Gifts: We've set up a wishlist with some things Bree needs. To buy a gift, please click on the link below. You will be taken to Amazon where you can choose a gift that will be sent directly to Bree. Just click 'this is a gift' and choose the 'gift registry address' when you check out.

3. Kind messages/New Home cards: We'd love to send Bree lots of 'New Home' cards to wish her well in her new home and to let her know we're thinking of her. Please send your cards to: 52 Lives (Bree), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT. You can also email a kind message to Bree by writing it in the form below (your contact details will not be shared). 


What We Did

Thanks to all of you, Bree has furniture, a cot, and everything else she needs for her baby. We also provided grocery vouchers so she can fill up her fridge, and topped up her gas and electricity so she can keep the flat warm. Thank you to everyone who helped her…as well as the donations and Amazon gifts, we also received so many presents and kind messages. It’s made a big difference for her – thank you so much.