52 Lives

Life #36

Request: Bake some cupcakes for Claire

This week, 52 Lives wants to help the Ollier family from Queensland, Australia.

In week 1 of 52 Lives, we helped a young girl called Claire Ollier. Claire had brain cancer and we arranged for her to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the theatre, gave her a beautiful party dress to wear and also sent her for a VIP Day at a theme park.

Claire’s mum, Lynette, and I stayed in touch and soon became friends. She is a strong woman, who was torn apart watching her little girl have to deal with so much.

Despite her circumstances, Claire continued to inspire everyone around her with infectious positivity and spirit. She was happy, and she was determined – she even hosted a cupcake stall of her own to help raise funds to find a cure for the disease she was fighting.

Claire sadly passed away in April, at just 9 years of age.

I can’t even begin to imagine what Lynette, Robert and Liam have been going through these past 5 months, but I do know that they are a remarkable family who have decided to focus their energy on helping others. They decided that no other child should have to go through what their little girl went through.

And so, in memory of Claire, they have just launched a project called Cupcakes for Claire, to raise money and awareness for brain cancer.

It is a simple but wonderful idea. People bake cupcakes, and either host a coffee morning, take them into work, give them to friends – whatever they like. And just ask for a gold coin donation in return.

52 Lives wants Cupcakes for Claire to be a huge success. I have no doubt the Ollier family will achieve this on their own, but it can’t do any harm to spread the word even further!

So, this is what I would love you all to do:

1. Like the Cupcakes for Claire Facebook page to help spread the word

2. Bake some cupcakes. Take them into work, invite some friends over for coffee and cake, or host a big Cupcakes for Claire fundraising event. Just ask for a gold coin donation in return, and donate the funds to Cupcakes for Claire. Whatever you do will mean a lot to this family, however big or small.

3. Post your cake or event pics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...EVERYWHERE with the hashtag #cupcakesforclaire

4. Let us know you're doing it! We'd love to hear about what you're planning.