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#359 June

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This week, we’d like to help a 90 year old lady called June and her daughter Stephanie, who have not been able to access the downstairs of their property for a year, due to mobility issues.

June had a bad fall during lockdown, which left her with little confidence to move around. Her daughter, Stephanie, has severe arthritis which limits her mobility as well. Both have been living upstairs in their two bedroom property in separate rooms and are unable to go downstairs.

June’s grandson had been their carer until recently, but he was hospitalised and isn't able to look after them anymore.

June is very proud and has regularly declined help from social services. Since her grandson was hospitalised, she has accepted some emergency care but is reluctant to accept long-term help. 

They were nominated by a social worker who said June and Stephanie may be able to manage independently with some additional help from services, but only if their downstairs area is set up in the right way. Stephanie would be able to provide more care for her mother and their day-to-day lives would be significantly improved.

To make that possible though, they first need to be moved downstairs. Their social worker said in the area they live there is no service that can support June to be safely carried downstairs.

With your help, we’d like to pay for a private ambulance service to move them downstairs (the only option available to them in their area). Their social worker and Occupational Therapist are arranging a grant to help adapt the downstairs area, so we’d like to provide some suitable furniture, new bedding, as well as puzzles and audio books to keep them entertained. We'd also like to provide a phone and stationery so they are less isolated. 

What We Need

1. Donations: We'll use your donations to pay for all of the things June and Stephanie need to be able to live primarily into their living room and to make life more comfortable for them. You can donate online or by text using the details below. 

2. Gifts from a wishlist: We've set up an Amazon wishlist with some things to keep June and Stephanie entertained and to help them feel less isolated. To buy a gift, please click the link below. You will be taken to Amazon, where you can choose something from the list. It will be sent directly to us to pass along (just tick 'this is a gift' and choose the 'gift registry address' at checkout).

3. Kind messages: To send a kind message to June and Stephanie, please write it in the form below and we'll pass it along (your contact details won't be shared) or you can post it to: 52 Lives (359), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.

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