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Life #34

Request: Light a candle, take a photo, send a message of support.

There’s a young boy from Coolum Beach in Australia called Sam. Sam is 8 years old, loves surfing, skateboarding, fishing, and hanging out at the beach with his friends.

But tonight he is laying in a hospital bed, heavily medicated, after being given just days or weeks to live.

Sam was diagnosed with cancer last July and has been having treatment ever since. His dad Mark, mum Tanya and big sister Ella are now being faced with something that is every family’s worst nightmare.

The beautiful Sunshine Coast community have begun a virtual candlelight vigil for Sam, posting photos of candles and messages of support on Sam’s Facebook group – Sams Journey.

I asked Sam’s dad if there was anything 52 Lives could do for them. Even as I asked it, it felt like a hollow question - because what can any of us really do for this family that will make any difference? Well, though it may seem insignificant, I would love for the 52 Lives community to join Sam’s local community in sending photos and messages of support. Nothing any of us can say or do will change what they are going through, but it might just help them feel that they are not going through this alone – that they are surrounded by a community of people, not just locally but all over the world, who are sending good wishes and positive thoughts to their brave little boy, and who care about what they are all going through.

So, here is what we would like you to do:

1. Light a candle, take a photo and post it on Sam's Facebook group page with a message of support for Sam, Mark, Tanya and Ella (you may need to click 'Join Group' before you can post)

2. If you are not on Facebook or if you would just prefer to do it by email, you can email your photos and messages to 52 Lives and we will share them with the family.

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