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Request: Gifts / Donations / Kind messages

This week, we’re trying to help dozens of refugees. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been liaising with some small charities supporting refugees to work out where we can best help. And now it’s time!

We’ve set up Amazon wishlists filled with bedding, toiletries, clothing and other essential items. They will form part of welcome packs being delivered to newly arrived refugees, and the clothing will fill the rails of a referral centre, so those being helped can try on and choose their own clothing.

There is also one extra thing we’d like to do ... many refugees initially stay in hotels or tiny rooms in temporary accommodation and have little means to get out and socialise. A few small charities in Berkshire (The Cowshed, FBC and Care for Calais Reading) are helping them to form football teams, but none of the players have any kit. We'd love to help provide this for them, and so we have added adult football kit and boots to the wishlist.

As well as the wishlist items, we are also asking for donations and kind messages. 100% of the donations will be used to buy some of the bigger items needed – such as highchairs and prams – and all of the kind messages you send will be passed along to the people being helped.

What We Need

1. Gifts from a wishlist: We've filled an Amazon wishlist with all of the items needed. To buy a gift, click the link below. Your gift will be sent directly to the charity distributing the gifts. Just choose the 'gift registry address' at checkout. 

2. Donations: 100% of your donations will be used to buy some of the bigger items needed (prams, high chairs, beds etc). To make a donation, please use the donate link or the text-to-donate details below. 

3. Kind messages: To send a kind message to any of the refugees we're helping, please either post your message to: 52 Lives (refugees), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT. Or you can email a message by writing it in the form below. 



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