52 Lives

Life #33

Request: An IT company to restore his data, and his family memories.

This week, 52 Lives wants to surprise a man from Hertfordshire in England. This man doesn't know we are trying to help him, so we can't use his name - so I'm going to call him Peter.

We heard about Peter from a colleague of his, who is a supporter of 52 Lives. Peter is in his early fifties. His wife has been diagnosed with early on set dementia. It's completely shaken his world and is causing a great deal of stress, yet he remains one of the nicest and calmest men his colleague has ever met. She described him as a genuinely incredibly kind man.

Recently, Peter's computer hard drive became corrupted. The hard drive held a lifetime of pictures and videos of their son at key times in his life. Peter had been planning to make video diaries for his wife, to help her remember her son and their family life together. He was devastated when he discovered their precious memories were gone.

Peter had a quote from a specialist company that can restore the data, but the £500 cost is just too much. There are mounting medical bills, and the photo and video diaries are sadly a luxury he cannot afford.

But what price can you put on a family's memories? And how much is it worth to be able to help a mother remember her son? Peter may not be able to afford it, but he certainly deserves to have it.

So, this is what we need help with this week..

1. A IT company that specialises in data retrieval, willing to donate their services

2. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute to the £500 cost of the data retrieval services, please let us know. Just click the button below and let us know how much you would be wiling to donate. We will only take you up on your offer at the end of the week if we can't find an IT company to help us.

The very lovely team at MJM Data Recovery in Cambridgeshire have offered to donate their time to recover the photos and videos. Thanks for sharing it everyone, and a huge thankyou to MJM. You're very kind people and your offer will help to change this family's life, at a time when they need it most.