52 Lives

Life #30

Request: A stroller and a single bed

This week, 52 Lives want to help a single dad from East London. He is the sole carer for his 2 children aged 4 and 1.

The family have been through a very tough time and the children's mother has been having a lot of problems (which they would prefer me not to go into detail about). Dealing with these has meant that she is unable to care for the children at the moment. So this amazing dad is doing it on his own.

He is a lovely, selfless man and has been doing his best to earn a living while also caring for the children, and creating the best environment he can during what must be a very confusing time for them - but it hasn't been easy.

He has been trying to find a stroller for his daughter (a small lightweight one that can be easily taken on public transport would be ideal) and also a single bed for his 4 year old boy. We would love to be able to give those to him - and I'm sure between all of us we can rustle up a second hand stroller and single bed!

What we need

A stroller and a single bed

We had so many donations of goods for the family, they were absolutely overwhelmed by the kindness shown by complete strangers. Thanks so much