52 Lives

Life #3

Request: A vacuum cleaner (and perhaps some toys and boy's clothes)

It's hard to believe a vacuum cleaner could change someone's life - or even make their day, to be honest.

But when you're a young mum with no money and a toddler, who spends your days cleaning the carpet with your hands, it is something that would make the world of difference.

52 Lives was recently contacted by a West London health worker (probably one of the kindest women I have ever met, who constantly goes above and beyond for the families she works with), who made the request for us to help this family. She has put requests on Freecycle and similar website, but has not had any luck.

52 Lives has 123 likes on Facebook - between all of us, and our networks, I'm confident we can rustle up a second hand vacuum cleaner!

If you can help, please let me know.

What We Need

A vacuum cleaner (and perhaps some toys and boy's clothes)

What We Did

Thanks to lots of kind West Londoners, we received ...

1. A vacuum cleaner (thanks to Sam!)

2. Gifts, clothes and toys (thanks to Bex, Olivia and others!)