52 Lives

#291 Families in a Refuge

Request: Gifts for the refuge from a wishlist / Donations / Kind messages

This week, we’d like to help some families living in a women’s refuge in Wales.

During the Covid pandemic, the refuge was overwhelmed with women and children fleeing domestic violence...they provided safety for 113 families during the year.

Th refuge is taking in an additional 18 families, but they need more bedding, more pyjamas, more toys and more books to make sure these families arrive to a warm, welcoming place where the children can play, learn and feel relaxed.

With your help, we’d like to provide it for them.

What We Need

1. Gifts from a wishlist: We've set up an Amazon wishlist filled with items the refuge needs for the families. To buy an item, please click on the link below (select: Gift Registry Address when you checkout) . It will be sent directly to the refuge's head office address. 

2. Donations: We will use 100% of your donation to buy anything else the refuge needs for the families they're helping. To make a donation online, please click the link below. To donate by text, please use the details in the box provided.

3. Kind messages: We'd love to send the families in the refuge lots of kind messages, to let them know they aren't alone. You can send a message by post to: 52 Lives (Life # 291), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT, or by email by writing your message in the form below (your contact details will not be shared). 



Offer support

Offer help or send a message

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