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Life #29

Request: Donations to pay for dentures

This week, we are trying to help a young man called Victor.

Two years ago, Victor caught a virus which went to his heart and caused congestive heart failure. It all happened very quickly – he had to have a pacemaker and defibrillator immediately, followed by a ventricular assist device (heart pump). He was put on the waiting list for a heart. Victor was lucky enough to receive one, and had a heart transplant in August last year.

Prior to having surgery, Victor was told that in order to minimise any issues with infection afterwards, he would need to have all of his teeth removed. Obviously, it was well worth it, and Victor feels incredibly fortunate to have been given another chance at life.

But, as lucky as he is, he is still 25 years old with no teeth. He can’t afford dentures and insurance doesn’t cover it, as they are considered cosmetic. So, as it stands, Victor will be living the rest of his life with no teeth.

Victor’s girlfriend Jennifer contacted 52 Lives to ask for help. “I have been searching high and low trying to find help for him, but it is just so expensive. I just wish I had the money to pay for it for him.”

With his permission, I have also been in contact with Victor’s doctor who said he is a good person, very much deserving of help.

So, this is what we need:

1. Donations: We want to pay for Victor's dental treatment so we have set up a fundraising page here . The cheapest option Jennifer found for dentures was at a local dental school. It would be approximately US$800-$1000 for top and bottom teeth. 52 Lives would love to be able to pay the whole amount, but whatever we can do would be one step closer to them being able to afford it.

2. Dental contacts! If you know a dentist in Birmingham, Alabama who might be willing to do the treatment at a reduced rate, please let us know or share this with them.

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