52 Lives

Life #25

Request: A weekend away together (DONE!) and a new bed.

This week, we are helping a couple from Regent’s Park, in Queensland, Australia.

The husband is a retired truck driver who has just been diagnosed with a very aggressive, incurable cancer. He is in hospital at the moment having chemotherapy to help control the spread, but doctors say he may have a matter of months. His wife and children are obviously devastated and have been by his side in hospital ever since.

The hope is that after his treatment he will be well enough to go home and spend a lot more time with his family. So, we have arranged for the couple to have a weekend away together in Brisbane, not too far from home. Rydges South Bank has very kindly donated accommodation and a very generous individual, Kara Glenn-Worth, heard about what we are doing and offered to donate a $150 voucher for dinner at the amazing Stonehouse restaurant, just nearby.

We would also like to be able to give the couple a new bed (theirs is very old and not very suitable for him), to make the husband's time at home more comfortable - which is what we need your help with this week.

We receive a lot of requests for help from people affected by cancer. What this lovely couple are going through is sadly very common. We know 52 Lives can’t help everyone, but for those people that we are able to help, we hope we can make their lives just that little bit happier - even if it’s just a brief moment of joy during a very difficult time.

What We Need

Do you have any contacts at companies that may be willing to donate a new bedframe and mattress? Or do you know a kind person who might be willing to help buy one?

Please share this request so we can reach someone who might be able to help. And if you can help, please click on the link below to let us know!

What We Did

The wonderful team at Rydges South Bank kindly donated a night away for the couple, when he's feeling up to it. And a wonderful woman has also offered to donate a $150 restaurant voucher for them.

And finally, a lovely lady called Siobhan Barter generously bought the couple a brand new bed! Delivered by her husband.

When I told the couple they were over the moon, and a bit shocked. They said no one had ever done anything like this for them before and it has really given them such a boost. Thankyou!!

A Note of Thanks

"Just wanted to say a very big thankyou!. It is all absolutely great! You are wonderful."