52 Lives

#243 - 50 children

Request: Bedding

This week, we’d like to create ‘bedding bundles’ to help 50 children in crisis.

These children are living on the outskirts of London and in Berkshire, and are from families that are struggling for all different reasons. Some have escaped domestic violence, some were homeless and placed in temporary accommodation, some have lost their entire incomes, while others are struggling with physical and mental health issues. For the children, it's such a scary time. 

They’ve all been identified by professionals (social workers, GPs, teachers) as being in real need and there’s an amazing small charity called First Days, who are trying to support them – but they need our help.

We want to help give every single one of these 50 children a warm and clean place to sleep. We need bedding and mattresses to fit moses baskets, cots and single beds.

Please help if you can.

What We Need

1. Bedding: We've set up an Amazon wishlist with everything they need. To buy a gift from the wishlist , please click the link below. The bedding will be sent directly to First Days charity to give to the children who need them. 

2. Donations: If you would prefer to make a donation, we will use 100% of what you give to buy additional things the children need.

3. Kind Messages: Along with the bedding, we'd love to send some kind cards and messages to let these families know they aren't alone. To send a message, please either email it to us by writing it in the form below (your contact details will not be passed along) or you can post it ti 52 Lives (Life # 243), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.

Buy Bedding from the Wishlist


What We Did

The bedding you donated has started to arrive! Thank you all so much for helping this week. It's going to mean these 50 children will now have a warm, clean bed to sleep in. Every items was bought from the wishlist and we've also raised over £600 so far to buy even more mattresses and bedding. Every penny will be used to help these children.