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#242 Mandy

Request: Donations / Gift cards / Messages

This week, we’d like to help a single mum from the North of England who fled domestic violence with her 2 year old twins and 6 month old baby.

Mandy’s partner was violent, so she left to protect herself and her children.

They were officially homeless for just over 7 weeks...the shelter they were offered wasn’t suitable for 3 young children, but luckily a friend and her mum took them all in and gave them somewhere safe to stay (the friend’s elderly mum gave up her bedroom, so Mandy and the 3 children could move in for a short time).

When they were housed, the police allowed Mandy back into her old house to quickly grab a few essentials, but she hasn’t been able to go back since.

Mandy and the children are safe now, but she lives in constant fear of her ex finding them and has been struggling with anxiety and PTSD . She is somehow managing to care for 3 children under 3 while working part-time to try to support herself, but it is taking its toll on her and she needs help.

She has been through so much, and we would love to do something kind for her and the children.

What We Need

1. Donations: The children need beds, bedding, toys and storage. Mandy's car has completely broken down, so they also need funds to repair the car. To make a donation, please click the link below. We will use 100% of your donation to buy them what they need. 

2. Gift cards from a wishlist: We need to protect Mandy's location, so we weren't able to set up a full Amazon wishlist this week. But we have set up a wishlist with some gift cards, which will be sent to directly to us to pass along to her. The gift cards will also be used to help buy the children some of the things they need.

3. Kind messages: Mandy has been through so much and has very little support around her. We'd love to send her some kind messages to let her know she's not alone. To send a message by email please just write your message in the form below and we will pass it along (your contact details will not be passed on) or messages can be posted to 52 Lives (Life # 242), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.

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