52 Lives

#229 Harrison

Request: Birthday presents / Donations for driving lessons / Get Well cards

This week, we’d like to do something kind for a 6 year old boy called Harrison, who has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He has tumours in his spleen, kidneys and liver.

It came completely out of the blue. He had been a little bit unwell and doctors thought it was just a virus. When he didn’t recover, his parents – Marcus and Tash – took him back to the doctor. He was sent to his local hospital for some tests, and then transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital where they discovered the cause of Harrison’s symptoms.

"It took a while for it to sink in. We couldn't really understand what we were being told, then all of a sudden it hit us like a bus," his mum said. “He doesn't really know much apart from the fact that he is poorly and the doctor and nurses are making him better...we hope to get through this nightmare with as little pain and illness as possible, and for my beautiful son go back to how he was."

For the past few weeks, Harrison has been undergoing aggressive treatment. He has just lost his hair, and also had to celebrated his 6th birthday in hospital.

We would love to send Harrison some special birthday gifts to help make this incredibly difficult time a little bit brighter for him.

We’d also like to do something to help his parents. Marcus has taken time off work to be with Harrison, and Tash, a self-employed hairdresser, has also stopped working. One of the things that's adding to their difficulties is that neither of them drive, so they're relying on friends and family to take them to and from the hospital. Marcus is keen to learn so, with your help, we’d like to pay for some driving lessons for him.

What We Need

1. Donations: We will use your donations to pay for driving lessons for Marcus. If we receive more than we need, we’ll use the funds to help the family in other ways. 100% of what you give will be used to help them. (To make donating even easier, you can now use Apple Pay)

2. Birthday presents for Harrison: We have set up an Amazon wishlist filled with presents for Harrison, as well as some gift cards. To buy a gift, please click the link below...it will be sent directly to Harrison. (If the list is empty, it means everything has been bought already).

3. Get Well cards: We'd love to send Harrison a big box of cards. To send a card, please post it to: 52 Lives (Life # 229), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT. If you would rather send a message by email, please write it in the form below and we will pass it along (your contact details will not be passed on).



Thanks to all of you, Harrison received so many gifts and cards. We also raised enough money to fund driving lessons for Harrison’s mum. And to top it all off, the amazing people at the Marmalade Foundation heard about what we were doing and have agreed to provide match funding for the driving lessons (so your donations have been doubled!) and are also arranging to find a local instructor for them. Your kindness is going to make life a little bit easier for the whole family.

We also managed to send them on a little UK holiday.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent a gift, a card or made a donation. A big thank you to the children at All Saints Junior School in Reading for making some amazing cards for Harrison in our School Kindness Workshop, to the Marmalade Foundation, and to Gala Bingo for their incredible fundraising.

Harrison's mum, Tash, wanted me to pass this message along to you all.

“We just want to thank everyone for their amazing support. Harrison loves all his gifts, and the driving lessons are going to be a great help for us - especially as we will have a lot of appointments in the future but also due to Harrison not being able to walk far. And we can't thank you enough for the opportunity to go on holiday. We wouldn't have been able to do that without your kindness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts x”

~Tash, Harrison's mum~