52 Lives

#227 Amy

Request: Baby things / Donations / Messages

This week, we’d like to help a single mum who recently lost her baby.

Amy’s baby girl sadly died from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). When she died, Amy was pregnant with her second child.

Shortly after her second baby was born, Amy made the decision to leave her partner. He was controlling and she was scared of him, so she took the brave decision to take her newborn baby and leave. She left most of their possessions behind and has moved to a new location where he can’t find them. He has since been sent to prison for offences he committed against another child.

So Amy is now on her own with a 6 month old baby. She is still mourning the loss of her first child and she has no family or friends nearby to support her.

Amy was nominated by her support workers, who are doing what they can to help her. But after rent, food and bills, Amy has almost nothing left each month. She is desperately in need of furniture and things for her baby, but is struggling to do it all on her own.

With your help, we’d like to give Amy and her baby girl all the things they need to start their new life.

What We Need

1. Donations: Your donations will be used to buy Amy some of the furniture she needs, and to buy some of the things she needs for her baby. Any donations we raise above what is needed for those will be used to help Amy and her baby in other ways. 100% of what you donate will be used to help them. 

2. Gifts from our wishlist. We have set up an Amazon wishlist with some of the things they need now, as well as gift cards to help her buy more toys, clothes and books (and anything else they need) as her baby gets older. To buy a gift from the wishlist, please click the link below (this week, the gifts are all being delivered to us to pass along to her). 

3. Kind messages: Amy would really benefit from some support. To send her a kind message, please either write your message in the form below (your contact details will not be passed on) or you can post it to 52 Lives (Life # 227), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.



What We Did

We wanted to raise £750 to help buy Amy and her baby girl some of the things they needed. We hit that target in a few hours, and ended up raising over £2000 for them.

We have now bought them everything they needed for their flat, paid some bills to help Amy get in front, and also sent supermarket gift cards to help cover their food costs for a while.

As for Amy’s baby girl – every single item was bought from the Amazon wishlist and we also received so many beautiful gifts – she now has warm clothes, toys, books, bedding, a handmade quilt...everything she could possibly need.

The messages and gifts poured in for Amy, and they have meant the world to her. She was grieving and feeling so alone and your kindness has made her feel loved and supported. Thank you so much to everyone who helped - and a special thank you to those of you who shared your own personal stories of loss with her. I know it’s not easy to do, but I’m sure it has helped her so much to hear from other women going through similar experiences.

Amy, we’re all wishing you and your little girl the absolute best for your new life together, and please remember that you are never alone.