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#221 Amanda

Request: Donations / New Home cards

This week, we’d like to help a single mum and her 6 year old son who, until recently, have been living in a tent.

They live in Queensland, Australia (where 52 Lives first began!) and were nominated by a support worker who has been helping them to secure housing.

The mum, Amanda, is a nurse but hasn’t been able to work due to illness, so slowly sank into debt. She lost her housing and ended up sleeping in a tent with her son. She has severe asthma and, as a result of extended steroid use, now has something called Vascular Necrosis which is causing major debilitating issues for her. She has had to have a hip replacement and is awaiting a shoulder reconstruction. A few weeks ago, she fell down some stairs and broke her foot, which is making life even harder.

With the support of a local organisation they are now out of the tent and living in a house, but it is in very bad shape and Amanda can’t afford any of the things they need to make it a home, or anything of the things her son needs.

They've both been through a lot and we’d love to help to make life better for them.

What We Need

1. Donations: We’d love to buy Amanda and her son the things they need for their home, some toys, books and clothes for her little boy, as well some gift cards to help cover their food bills to help her get out of debt. Due to the location, this week we are just asking for donations rather than setting up wishlists, and we will use the funds to directly buy the things that they need. 100% of what you give will be used to help them. To make a donation online, please click the link below. (If you would prefer to donate by cheque, they can be made payable to 52 Lives and sent to 52 Lives (Life # 221), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT).

2. Messages: Amanda has had a very tough few years and we'd love to send her lots of kind messages - or perhaps some 'New Home' cards -  to let her know that she isn't alone. To send a message, please write your message in the form below (your contact details will not be passed on), or you can post cards or messages to 52 Lives (Life # 221), PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT.


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