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#189 Mums in poverty

Request: Donations for nappies / Rain covers / Foot muffs / Strollers

This week, we’d like to help make life better for some mums and babies in east London living in extreme poverty.

The Magpie Project in Newham provides advice and support for mothers and children under 5 who are at risk of homelessness. The women they help are usually living in hostels or temporary B&B accommodation, some are squatting and others are completely homeless or on the verge of being made homeless for a variety of reasons, from asylum to domestic violence.

I spoke with Jane, who runs the project, and the stories she told me were heartbreaking…stories of mums trying to make 1 disposable nappy last for as many days as possible, of babies with nappy rash so severe that their bottoms are bleeding, of mums unable to afford the bus fare to even get to the Magpie Project for help.

The Magpie Project works with so many women and children that it was hard for Jane to nominate just 1 family for help. So this week, we would like to do something to help all of the mums and children they work with. With your help, we want to buy some of the essentials items they need, including:

Nappies: So these mothers can change their babies every time they need changing, and stop rinsing out disposable nappies.

Foot muffs and rain covers: When prams are donated to the Project, they are often missing these accessories. These mums walk everywhere, and spend very little time indoors , so their babies are getting cold and wet.

Basic strollers: If the Magpie Project could give lightweight strollers to the mums with toddlers, then those mums can return the larger buggies for new mums to use…as Jane so beautifully put it, it would ”give the mums with toddlers the pleasure of giving back to mums with younger babies, which they love.”

What We Need

Donations: Donations will be used to help the Magpie Project purchase nappies. The project has very little storage space so they take a delivery of nappies once a month from a local supermarket and distribute them to the mums that day. They have negotiated a good rate - much cheaper than we could buy them for - so the best way to help with nappies is to make a donation using the link below. 100% of these funds will be used to help the Magpie Project purchase nappies (while we would love to accept donations of nappies,  he Magpie Project doesn't have the storage space to keep them, so please don't send nappies on this occasion). To make a donation, please click the link below. 

Rain covers, foot muffs and strollers: These rain covers and foot muffs for prams will help to keep the little ones warm and dry, and the strollers will make life so much easier. To buy one from the Amazon wishlist, please click on the link below. (If you are unsure how to buy from an Amazon wishlist, we have produced this handy guide!)

Messages: If you would like to send a kind message to the mums we are helping, please write your message in the form below (your contact details will not be passed along), or post it to 52 Lives (Life # 189 (PO Box 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT)

Please note, on this occasion, we only need the items on these wishlists (the project has received a lot of other baby items, so we don't need any clothes, toys, carriers etc at the moment). Also, as much as we'd love to, we aren't able to collect any second hand goods. If you have good quality rain covers or foot muffs that you would like to post, then please do leave a message in the form below and if we need them then I'll get in touch and let you know. Thank you!

Buy a rain cover, stroller or foot muff


What We Did

Every single item was bought from the wishlist (20 strollers, footmuffs and rain covers) and we raised more than £1300 to help them buy nappies for the mums they support. We were also able to send so many lovely messages of support ... which they have turned into an amazing tower of love for the children to play in! See below..