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#186 Christmas Project

Request: Christmas presents

Each year, 52 Lives helps to buy Christmas presents for people who might otherwise not receive anything. Last year, we helped to buy gifts for almost 1000 people staying in refuges, homeless shelters, suffering domestic abuse, or living in deprivation. 

We asked you to nominate organisations, schools or charities who work with people in need, so we could choose several to work with and provide gifts for the people they help. But, when it came time to choose between them - we simply couldn't and said yes to everyone! So, now we need your help! 

We have set up Amazon wishlists for each of the organisations, and the gifts you buy from these lists will be given to people very much in need of kindness. 

Click on the 'Buy a Gift' link underneath the organisation of your choice below. You will be taken to the an Amazon wishlist where you can buy a gift that will be sent straight to the organisation to give to the people who need them. For the gifts going to children this year, where possible I have chosen things that they have asked their parents / carers for.

The gift you buy from the wishlist will be sent to the organisation, who will distribute the gifts (please don't chose the 'gift wrap' option).

These organisations have been overwhelmed that people they don't even know might consider buying gifts for the women, men and children they work with. Last year, a woman who was suffering domestic abuse said it restored her faith in humanity, that she feels 'seen' and that she wishes all of you could see her children’s faces on Christmas morning when they receive a present. Another said she felt like she had won the lottery.  

Your kindness will make such big difference to the person receiving your gift...at a time when they really need it.

(Most of the gifts are priced between £10 and £20 but there are some slightly cheaper options as well. When you purchase, please don't choose the 'gift wrap' option as they need to see what the presents are to ensure they are given to the right person).

What We Need

We have set up an Amazon wishlist for each of these organisations. To buy a gift, simply click on 'Buy a Gift' next to the organisation you would like to help.
(If you are unsure how to buy from an Amazon wishlist, we have produced this handy guidePLEASE NOTE: If you can't add an item to your basket, try clicking on the item, and then adding it to your basket)

Berkshire Women's Aid
Berkshire Women’s Aid has refuges across Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell providing emergency accommodation for women in crisis. They are supporting 34 women and 20 children at the moment so we will be aiming to buy a gift for each of them.  ALL GIFTS FOR BWA HAVE NOW BEEN BOUGHT - THANK YOU!

Emmeline's Pantry
A food bank helping women and their families in need in Manchester. They will be providing food for more than 100 families (including 200 children) this Christmas. We want to give all of them a Christmas present. BUY A GIFT

Splice is a Welsh charity giving emotional and social support to families in their local community. The people who attend live in an area which is disadvantaged - both socially and financially. Splice helps and gives support to families with mental health issues. The work they do helps to build self-esteem and confidence for everyone in the family. They have 46 children and 20 adults in need of gifts this Christmas. BUY A GIFT

Coffee 4 Craig
This charity has fed and supported homeless people in Manchester for more than 4 years. They are truly committed to practical help, and run a drop in in the town centre. They would love to be able to give presents to people who come to the drop in centre over Christmas. These are individuals who would otherwise receive nothing. BUY A GIFT

Hope4 (Rugby)
The Hope Centre helps homeless adults, particularly rough sleepers. Their army of volunteers and staff help to provide basic necessities such as nutritious food, shelter, showers, laundry, clothing and sleeping bags. The Hope Centre is the heart of their services and the gateway to others, with key workers providing advice and support. We would love to help them give a gift to the people staying in their shelter on Christmas Day. www. hope4.org.uk BUY A GIFT

Home Start Ceredigion
The team at Home Start in Ceredigion work with vulnerable families who have children that are living in poverty, are affected by ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) such as living in a household affected by domestic violence, substance misuse or mental illness. In their words, they would love to be able to “give these children a little bit of hope this Christmas.” We want to help them to give all of these children a Christmas present, as well as several of the mums who are in need of kindness. ALL GIFTS HAVE NOW BEEN BOUGHT - THANK YOU!

Hampden House
Hampden House is the only boarding pupil referral unit (PRU) in England. A PRU is a type of school that caters for children who aren’t able to attend a mainstream school for various reasons (for example, exclusion, emotional or behavioural difficulties, severe bullying etc.) Many of the children at the school come from very poor families, and a small number will be having a particularly tough time this Christmas. We need gifts for 10 children at the school and their families. ALL GIFTS HAVE NOW BEEN BOUGHT- THANK YOU!

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service
This organisation provides outreach and services to families whose lives are affected by domestic abuse. They also provide refuge accommodation for those that have had to flee their homes. For those dealing with Domestic abuse on a daily basis whether they have fled or remain in their homes, the impact can be prolific, not only does this impact on their safety and wellbeing but also on their financial and social experiences. The Service is in need of Christmas presents for 40 women and 40 children to help make this Christmas a special one. BUY A GIFT

Camberley All Night Cafe for the Homeless
This cafe provides a safe and warm place for homeless people in the area. They will be helping up to 30 homeless people over Christmas, and they would love to give each of them a Christmas present. BUY A GIFT

St Richards School
This is a school based on the edge of London with a high number of children from deprived families. We will be aiming to provide the school with 65 gifts for children they identify as needing some extra kindness this Christmas. ALL GIFTS HAVE NOW BEEN BOUGHT


If you have any issues or any questions, please feel free to contact us