52 Lives

Life #18

Request: An update

This week, I have an update rather than a request.

I wanted a chance to thank some incredible people that have given so much to help a young mum going through the worst of times.

Back in week 11, 52 Lives raised more than £1000 to open a taxi account for the mum to help her take her baby to hospital for treatment. Her baby was diagnosed with neuroblastomas on the brain - a type of cancer that affects young children - and was unable to travel by public transport due to the risk of infection.

Last weekend, I received the sad news that the baby girl had passed away.

The family nurse who works with the mum asked if it might be possible for the funds we raised for the taxi account to be put towards funeral expenses instead. It was the most heartbreaking request I have ever received.

What We Did

I contacted Green Tomato Cars to check how much credit there was left in the account. The frequent hospital visits meant there was very little remaining. But this absolutely amazing company offered to donate a large sum of money to help pay for the funeral costs. I was overwhelmed by the offer. It wasn't a public request, there was no publicity involved and it isn't tax deductible - there was nothing in it for them whatsoever. But they wanted to do it anyway. 100% pure kindness.

And of course, a week rarely passes without the wonderful Richard, offering to help. When he heard the sad news, he also offered a large donation to help cover the costs.

And finally, a big thank you to a West London family, who also wish to remain anonymous, for their very generous donation.

Between all of these good people, we have been able to cover all of the funeral expenses, lifting the burden from the young mum and allowing her time and space to deal with everything that has happened. We are sending her all our love.

A note of thanks

"I am a family nurse that has been working with this young mother and her baby. They have been on the hardest journey over the last 6 months, but the help and support they have received from 52 lives (first the taxi account and then the funeral costs) has been absolutely incredible. Such acts of kindness at such a distressing time will stay with this family forever. On behalf of the family, and those supporting them at this time, I would like to say a massive thank you for your generosity, kindness and support."