52 Lives

#17 Evie

Request: A builder/carpenter/DIY expert, an electrician and an artist/skilled painter to help create a sensor

Evie is the 2 year old daughter of Aimey and James from south London, UK.

When Evie was born, she had the cord wrapped around her neck twice. During the final stages of labour she suffered significant trauma and subsequently suffocated, leaving her with brain damage.

Then, when she was just a few weeks old, Aimey and James were hit with more bad news. Evie had Retinoblastoma (a type of cancer) in both eyes. She was rushed to hospital and had to undergo chemotherapy to try to save some of her sight.

Evie is now 2 years old. She has cerebral palsy, as well as the retinoblastoma.

When I contacted Evie’s mum this week, Evie was in the process of having chemotherapy and her mum was dealing with the fear of her going blind or having to have her left eye removed.

I asked Aimey how we could help, and she told me about a DIY project she is desperate to complete.

She wants to turn their little wooden shed into a sensory room for Evie. She has insulation boards and a wonderful sensory board built by a family member waiting to be fitted. But she needs the help of skilled professionals to put her plan into action. It would need some building work, some electrical work (running electricity cables so there are power sockets to plug-in sensory toys) and some artistic painting to bring the sensory board to life (it will be based on a page from Evie’s favourite book, Barry the Fish with Fingers).

Time is running out to make the most of Evie’s vision while she still has it. The family has raised funds to buy the supplies for the sensory element of the shed, but due to tax reasons they are not allowed to pay for building works.

What We Did

A builder/carpenter/DIY expert, an electrician and an artist/skilled painter to help create a sensory room for Evie.

So, this week we are looking for:

1. A builder/carpenter/very skilled DIY person to do the building work in the shed. Aimey estimates maybe a day or two of work but a site visit may be needed to determine that

2. An electrician to do the power sockets etc.

3. A skilled painter /artist to bring it all to life.

Do you know skilled people who could help? Or a company that might be willing to donate some time? Please let us know.

What We Did

We were able to put a brilliant team in place to transform the shed for Evie, including...

1. Gareth Johnson, a set builder and scenic painter.

2. Michelle McGuffin, a talented artist.

3. Rob Speirs, a builder.

4. Jamie Brandon, an electrician.

We are so grateful to them for donating their time to create something special for this little girl. And this is all only happening because so many of you liked and shared our request.So, once again, thanks everyone!