52 Lives

#168 Children in refuges

Request: Playroom furniture / Toys / Books / Wall paint

This week, we’d like to help change the life of 64 children living in refuges in Wales.

These children had to flee their homes with their mums, because of domestic violence. They often left with no notice and have minimal – and in some cases no – belongings. They had to leave their schools, their friends, their books and toys and now find themselves living in a refuge in one little room with their family. I can’t even imagine how that must feel for a child.

The 4 refuges we would like to help are run by the charity, Llamau - Caerphilly Women’s Services. Each of their 4 refuges has a playroom, which have a few second-hand toys and books that have been donated. But the rooms are tired and very much in need of a revamp.

One of the outreach workers for the refuges asked if we might be able to do something to help make these rooms a happier place for the children to be. So of course we said yes!

They have asked the children what they would like to have in their playroom, and we have used their answers to create an Amazon wishlist filled with everything needed to fill the playrooms in all 4 refuges. They also worked with the children to come up with ideas of how to create a space that feels safe and comfortable. So we will also be helping to redecorate the rooms.

With your help, we would love to give these children – and all the children who will have to live in the refuges in the future – somewhere wonderful to play. 

What We Need

1. Things for the playroom - We have set up an Amazon wishlist and filled it with everything we could think of to help create a playroom the children will love. To buy an item from the list, please click the link below. The gifts will be sent directly to the charity. (Sadly, we are unable to accept offers of second hand items for the playrooms, as we cannot give out their address). 

2. Paint - We need white silk emulsion paint for the walls, multi coloured emulsion (to paint butterflies on the walls) and blackboard paint so we can create a drawing wall. If any kind companies might be willing to donate the paint for this project, please fill in the form below to let us know. 

3. Messages - To send a message to any of the families staying in the refuges - or perhaps a little 'welcome to your new playroom card' for the children, please email  by filling in the form below or post to 52 Lives (Life 168), PO Box, 3154, Reading, RG1 9AT. (Your email address will not be passed on but your message and first name may be shared publicly). 

Buy a gift for the playroom

What We Did

Every singe item was bought from the wishlists, and this is the end result! Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this. The team at Llamau worked so hard using all of the wonderful thing you bought to turn the playrooms into somewhere welcoming, fun and safe for the children. Thank you so much everyone - this will make life happier for so many children. .