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#156 Heather

Request: Cards / Donations / Michael Ball!

This week, we would like to help a 66 year old woman from Middlesex called Heather, who sadly hasn’t been given very long to live.

In October 2016, Heather was out walking with her husband when she suddenly collapsed in the street. After various tests, they found a tumour on the left side of her brain. The doctors thought it was a grade 1 tumour, and she had an operation to remove it. But a few days after the operation, she received the devastating news that it was a grade 4 Glioblastoma tumour. She underwent a heavy course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and responded well, but she has since started to deteriorate again and there are no treatment options left for her. So Heather is now back at home receiving palliative care.

Heather loves having her nails done, but a recent visit to a London salon made headlines when she was initially refused treatment because of her illness. The salon reportedly said it was because she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands still, but when Heather’s cousin told them her hands were steady, she was then told it was because of the risk of infection, and that they don’t treat people who are ill. Heather’s cousin eventually persuaded them to do it, but it was on the condition that Heather didn’t come back again. (We haven’t spoken to the salon, so we’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope they didn’t mean to be unkind). Whatever the reason, we want to make it up to Heather.

Heather’s son said she has always been a very selfless person who puts everyone first. We think we deserves a little bit of kindness, and so with your help, this is what we would like to do.

What We Need

1. Cards and messages - When we asked Heather's son what would be of most help to her, his request was so simple - cards. He thinks it will really lift her spirits, so we would love to send her as many lovely cards and messages as we can. Cards can be posted to: 52 Lives (life 156) PO Box 3669, Wokingham, RG40 9PG. Or if you would like to send a message by email, please complete the form below and we will collate the messages and send them on to her (NB: your email address will not be passed on).

2. Donations - We'd love to pay for someone to come to Heather's house to do her nails and give her a bit of pampering. To make a donation, please click the link below. Any funds raised above what we need for this will be used to help Heather and her family in other ways. 

3. Michael Ball! This is a big ask, but we want Michael Ball ! Heather is a huge fan. Her dream would be to meet him, which we know may not be possible - but even a phone call, a card or a message from the man himself would mean the absolute world to her! So if anyone has anyone in their network who might be able to make this happen, please let me know by completing the form below.



What We Did

Heather's dream came true! After many lovely 52 Lives supporters got in touch with him, Michael Ball Facetimed Heather for a chat! The full video is below (have some tissues handy...). As well as this amazing call, we also raised over £1000 for Heather and received cards from all over the world for her. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation or sent a message, and a huge thank you to Mir Michael Ball for him time and his kindness. Since we shared her story, Heather's health has sadly deteriorated. Her son got in touch to make an incredible gesture. Heather's family want us to use the funds we raised for heather to help the next life - Harry, a little boy in need of physiotherapy to help him walk. T

Dear Jaime,

I would like to say a huge sincere thank you to you and your charity patrons.
You have literally made my mum's dreams come true (and I don't use this
phrase lightly!). My mum was completely over whelmed by Michael Ball's phone
call, which would not have happened if it wasn't for you. Thank you so so much.

Once again, thank you so much.

Kind regards