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Request: Christmas presents

Each year, 52 Lives helps to buy Christmas presents for people who might otherwise not receive anything. In previous years we have helped to buy gifts for around 300 school children. This year we decided to do more....much more! We have expanded our Christmas Project to include a wider range of organisations, including women's refuges and homeless shelters, so we can reach even more people in need. We are aiming to buy 1000 gifts, but to do that we need your help!  

During the next few weeks, we will try to help as many organisations as we can.....we began with 5 and have now expanded it to 8 - the latest ones are at the top of the list. We have set up Amazon wishlists for each of them and the gifts you buy will be donated to people very much in need of kindness. So please, click on the 'Buy a Gift' link underneath the organisation of your choice. You will be taken to their Amazon list where you can buy a gift that will be sent straight to the organisation to give to the people who need them. 

They have been overwhelmed that people they don't even know might consider buying gifts for the women, men and children they work with. A woman supported by one of the organisations said it restores her faith in humanity, that she feels 'seen' and that she wishes all of you could see her children’s faces on Christmas morning when they receive a present. Another said she already feels like she's won the lottery. 

Your kindness will make such big difference to the person receiving your gift...at a time when they really need it. 

(When you purchase, please don't choose the 'gift wrap' option as they need to see what the presents are to ensure they are given to the right person).




A Welsh charity supporting homeless young people and vulnerable women. We would like to help 12 young men and 5 young women living in some of their supported housing projects. Some of these young people have just left care, others have come via the local authority homeless department. They have very few personal belongings. We want give each of them a Christmas present, and filled the list with things they said might be helpful for them. 


Fairwater Primary School, Wales

Fairwater Primary School in Wales, is a lovely school where there are sadly around 60 children who are living in varying levels of deprivation. We have added gifts to the wishlists for them, which will be sent straight to the school to give to the parents/guardians of the children who need them most. 


Hightown Primary School, Southampton

This school is situated in an area of high and, for some children, extreme deprivation. A number of the children come from very large families, on very low incomes, and so have very little. For some of these children, the smallest token of recognition or appreciation can mean so much. 


Berkshire Women's Aid

Berkshire Women’s Aid has refuges across Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell providing emergency accommodation for women in crisis . They are supporting 33 women and 25 children at the moment so we will be aiming to buy a gift for each of them.


Emmeline's Pantry
A food bank helping women and their families in need in Manchester. They will be providing food for more than 100 families (including 200 children) this Christmas. We want to give all of them a Christmas present.


Camberley All Night Cafe for the Homeless
This cafe provides a safe and warm place for homeless people in the area. They will be helping up to 30 homeless people over Christmas, and they would love to give each of them a Christmas present.


Sutton Women's Centre
Among many other things, the centre runs a programme offering support and counselling for women who have experienced domestic violence. They support 100 women a week, many of whom do not always get money from their abuser to buy presents for their children at Christmas. We want to give every single one of their children a gift this Christmas.


St Richard's School
This is a school based on the edge of London with high number of children from deprived families. We will be aiming to provide the school with 60 gifts for children they identify as needing some extra kindness this Christmas.


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