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#147 Hampshire couple

Request: Donations / Gift Cards / A night away / Messages

This week, we would like to help a couple from Hampshire who are in need of some kindness. To protect the privacy of their children and grandchildren, we won’t be able to use their names.

This couple has two adult children and 6 grandchildren. Their son has autism, is bipolar, has OCD and ADHD. Although he is now grown and has a family of his own, he struggles with day-to-day life and they continue to have to support him a great deal.

They haven’t retired yet and so both still work incredibly hard. The grandfather often works 12 hour shifts from 1am, then collects the grandchildren from school, makes sure his son is ok, makes dinner for everyone, then falls asleep on the sofa…before the cycle starts again. They make sure their son has food in the house, that his bills are paid and that he and his children have clothes to wear. They do his washing, do the school run, and sacrifice their own needs to pay for the things he and his children need.

It has been a very emotional journey for them. Their son has been incredibly challenging to care for, and they tragically lost one of their grandchildren several years ago at just 3 months old, which still affects them very deeply.

These lovely people do nothing for themselves. They rarely see any friends, rarely buy anything for themselves, and have let their own home deteriorate so they can help their children and grandchildren.

The person who nominated them said they have been wanting to redecorate their bedroom for many years but have never had the time or extra money to do it. They also have two spare bedrooms which their grandchildren stay in each week and they are also badly in need of redecorating.

She said: “They would literally would give their last piece of food in the cupboard or penny in their purse to ensure their children and grandchildren were ok. I would love to be able to give them a home they can be proud of and then on the rare occasion they get a couple of hours to themselves, they could enjoy their home rather than it depressing them. It would also give them a little bit hope and sunshine in their lives…knowing that there are people who want to support them.”

With your help, we would love to do this for them.

What We Need

1. Donations - To pay for carpet, bedroom furniture and redecorating. If we raise more than they need for the bedrooms, we will use the funds for a night away and any other things they need. To make a donation, please click the link below.

2. Amazon gift cards - So they can buy things for their bedroom and spare bedrooms. To buy an Amazon gift card, please click the link below.

3. B&Q e-gift cards - To help with redecorating costs. To buy an e-gift card, please click the link below and send them to admin@52-lives.org (we will send all gift cards on to the couple) 

4.  A night away - We would love to send the couple on a special night away together. If you or someone in your network might be able to help with a hotel room or B&B, please let us know by completing the form below.

5. Messages - With just a few kind words, you can make such a big difference to someone's life. If you would like to send a message to this couple, please email admin@52-lives.org or post messages to 52 Lives  - Life 147, PO Box 3669, WOKINGHAM, RG40 9PG

Buy an Amazon gift card 

Buy a B&Q e-gift card



What We Did

Thanks to all of you, this is what we did!

- Gave them a much-needed week away by themselves. A massive thank you to Julia Holm for donating her holiday flat for the couple. It is so incredibly generous of you!
- Raised more than £700 in donations, which we have used to carpet their bedroom and buy new furnishings
- Carpeted extra rooms in their house, thanks to the kind people at Carpet 4 You
- Sent £330 in Amazon and B&Q gift cards to help them buy the rest of the things they need for their home
- Helped to cover their travel and meal costs during the holiday, thanks to a lovely lady called Ambika Suri
- Sent lots of kind messages of support

Their daughter, who nominated them, wrote to me today and said this....

"I honestly cannot thank you and the supporters enough for everything you have done for mum and dad. It really has made a huge, huge difference to them, how they feel about themselves, their home and given them the boost they so needed. They are super excited about going away for a well deserved break and recharge, which is only happening because of 52 Lives. I could say thank you a million times over and it still wouldn't be enough" xxx

Thank you so much to every who donated, sent gift cards or messages. And a big thank you to GalaBingo.com for helping to raise funds.

Your kindness has made such a difference to this lovely couple and it came at just the right time for them.