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#140 2 brothers

Request: Gift cards / Donations / Messages

This week, we’d like to do something kind for two brothers from Derbyshire - 10 year old Theo and 15 year old Luis, who are also the best of friends.

Luis is no ordinary 15 year old boy. For most of his life, his little brother has been very ill. Theo has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, gastro oesophageal reflux disease and is epileptic. Theo’s illness has obviously also had a big impact on Luis’s life, but Luis has never once thought about himself. He changes his little brother’s colostomy bag, sets up his oxygen, helps him with physio, makes up his food, and knows exactly what to do when Theo has a bad seizure. He doesn't do it out of duty - he does it because he loves being with him and wants to help care for him.

Theo has endured 35 operations and is now receiving palliative care from a children’s hospice.

His mum said: “I know a lot of siblings are close, but these two are an amazing duo. They share secrets, cuddles and it breaks my heart to even think what will happen when Theo grows his angel wings.”

Luis is a selfless, incredibly kind young man who never asks for anything. He even uses his own birthday money to buy books and DVDs for his little brother.

We want to do something kind for both boys. So to get some ideas, Luis’s mum asked him what his dream day would look like. This is what he said..

“Going to the pictures to see a movie with Theo, being able to buy Theo new books and a game we could play on together, having lunch out, maybe having some new clothes and then home to snuggle on the sofa. But if that's too much for Theo in one day I understand.”

With your help, we want to give the boys their dream day - many times over!

What We Need

1. Gift vouchers - The best gift cards would be Odeon cinema vouchers (available online here and also from some supermarkets), Oneforall Gift Cards (available online here or at the Post Office), or Love2shop Gift Cards (available online here) . Or, if it's easier, just make a donation by clicking below and we will buy the gift cards.

Gift cards should be posted to:
Jaime Thurston
52 Lives (Life 140)
PO Box 329
Hampton, TW12 3DF

Tel: If it asks for a phone number, please use your own number. 

2. Donations: We will use donations to buy gif cards and other experiences for the boys. To donate, please click the button below.

3. Cards and messages: We want to let Luis and Theo know how incredible we think they are. Please send cards or letter to the address listed above, or you can email a message to admin@52-lives.org

What We Did

Theo and Luis have been thoroughly enjoying all the kindness from our wonderful supporters. We raised just over £1000 and with that they were able to each have a bedroom makeover, plus lots of new books, toys and games. They also went to watch Liverpool Football Club play, and upgrade their LazySpa so that it's more accessible for Theo. And finally, 2 of our amazing supporters donated a Smart TV and a Wii console & fit board. 

Their mum Denise sent us this message - "I really really appreciate everything you do for us, we could never ever have had so much fun if it hadn't been for your kindness xxx"