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#137 Lakeshia

Request: Donations / Messages

This week, we want to try to spread some kindness to a family in Albuquerque who are finding life a bit tough at the moment.

They were nominated by Sonya, a teacher who has become well-known for going above and beyond to help some of the children in her school - providing food, clothing and even shelter. She became a foster parent to two children in her class and was featured on The Ellen Show!).

Sonya told me about a young boy in her class who comes from a lovely family who are struggling to pay for the most basic essentials – having enough money to buy food and keep the utilities on is a weekly battle. The school does their best to help them via the various programs they run, such as a monthly mobile food pantry which Sonya helped to set-up, but with the summer coming up there will be a limit to how much they can do.

As well as the 5 year old boy in Sonya's class, the family also includes a 3 year old and 8 year old, and their mum, Lakeshia. The 4 of them live in a small apartment with their uncle, who has disabilities, and their elderly grandma. Lakeshia does odd jobs, such as cleaning houses or restaurants, to try to support the entire household but with her 3 year old to look after as well and so many mouths to feed it never stretches far enough.

Many of the children at Sonya’s school are living in poverty – they come to school hungry and without adequate clothing – some having slept in homeless shelters. Sonya said Lakeshia is a wonderful mum who is caught up in a constant battle to provide for her family, and she is very much in need of some kindness.

We would love to help ease her burden a little bit and make life better for her children – and the whole family.

With your help, we would like to cover some of their grocery bills, help them buy some clothing for the children, and also do something special for Lakeshia – we think she deserves a break!

What We Need

1. Donations – 100% of your donation will be used to help this family. We will buy gift cards for groceries, clothing for the children, and something for Lakeshia as well.

2. Messages – Sometimes the right words at the right time can make all the difference to someone going through a difficult time. If you would like to send a message to Lakeshia, you can email: admin@52-lives.org or post to 52 Lives (Life 137) PO Box 329, Hampton, TW12 9DF.