52 Lives

#134 Emma and Millie

Request: Things for their home / Family days out

This week, we would like to help a single mum from Croydon called Emma, and her 12 year old daughter Millie.

At age 10, Millie went for an eye test. It was a routine appointment that changed their lives forever. The optician noticed an abnormality and Millie was rushed to hospital where they discovered she had a brain tumour. Millie has since spent over 18 months in hospitals and rehab centres undergoing intensive treatment, including three operations.

It has left Millie unable to walk, talk or swallow and she has a tracheostomy (an opening at the front of her neck for a tube) to help her breathe. She also had to leave the school she loved and will be starting a special school in April.

When Millie was due to come out of hospital, Emma was given two options - either put Millie into a care home or move in with a relative. Emma and Millie had previously been living with a partner, but the relationship broke down.

Emma said: “I am never going to not be by my daughter's side – so we moved into my parents' house, but we're all squashed in here.”

So Emma and Millie have been living with Emma’s parents for the past 4 months. It is very cramped and Millie needs space for medical equipment, her wheelchair, and carers who come in to help her mum look after her. So they have been waiting for the council to find suitable accommodation for them.

After a long battle, which resulted in their story being in the press, they have finally been given a suitable council house. It is being adapted for Millie’s needs, and they will be able to move in around 8 weeks time. It’s wonderful news, but now they face another obstacle. They have no furniture and very few possessions. Emma used to work as a driver, but had to leave when Millie became ill, so she is struggling to buy the things they need.

With your help, we would love to help furnish Emma and Millie’s new home for them, and also buy Millie some of the things she needs.

(photo courtesy of David Cook)

What We Need

1. Furniture / gift cards / things for Millie from Amazon- if you would like buy something from their Amazon list, please click the link below. All goods will be sent straight to Emma and Millie.

2. Days out for Emma and Millie - if you would like to help them have a day out together (cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers or tickets for other things) please complete the form below and let us know and we can help arrange it.


What We Did

"I'll never forget any of you, and what you have all done for myself and my daughter."

Thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to give Emma and Millie:

- £1400 in Amazon Gifts and Gift Cards to fill their house with everything they need. Thank you to everyone who chose a gift or bought a gift card. You have made their life so much easier. And thank you to Gala Bingo for their amazing fundraising support.
- Some days out at the cinema...something they love but rarely get to do. Thanks so much to Inspired By Joseph Photography and to Lorna and Emma for donating these.

These are some photos they sent us the day the parcels started arriving! Thanks so much everyone! And thanks to Stacey for helping to arrange everything.