52 Lives

#132 Eileen from Coventry

Request: A handbag / Donations / Get Well cards

This week, we would like to help an elderly lady from Coventry who was left hospitalised after she was attacked and robbed in the street.

Eileen Flynn, who is 79 years old, had just left her friends and was on her way home when someone snatched her bag and dragged her to the ground. They stole her bag, which contained her glasses and around £70 in cash.

The attack left her with her arm broken in 5 places and 2 black eyes. She had to have surgery and has been in hospital for the past 3 weeks.

Eileen’s granddaughter, Laura, said her nan is putting on a brave face, but is very shaken up and in a lot of pain. But thankfully Eileen is starting to do a bit better and is expected to be able to leave hospital this week. She lives on her own in sheltered accommodation, so is being given some carers to help her while she recovers.

The West Midlands Police are still looking for Eileen’s attacker. They described the robbery as a truly sickening attack on a vulnerable lady.

Eileen has sadly seen the worst of side human nature - we want to show her the best. So with your help, we want to give Eileen a special welcome home.

What We Need

1. Donations - We will use the money donated to buy Eileen new glasses, a warm poncho (as she can’t wear a coat with her arm in a cast) and gift cards to replace the money she had stolen. Any extra money we receive will be used to buy extra gift cards to cover her grocery bills for as long as we can, or any other things she might need. To make a donation, please click the 'Donate'  link below.

2. A new handbag and purse - We have set up an Amazon wishlist and her granddaughter has chosen Eileen a new handbag and purse. To buy one of the items, or a gift card to go towards them, please click on the link below (if the items are bought by someone, the gift cards bought will be given to Eileen to buy any other things she needs).

3. Get well cards and messages - We would love to fill Eileen’s house with kind messages and cards for when she arrives home. Cards can be sent to: 52 Lives (Life # 132), PO Box 329, Hampton, TW12 9DF and messages can be emailed to admin@52-lives.org


What We Did

Thanks to all of you lovely people, we:

- Replaced Eileen's stolen handbag and wallet and bought her personal and home security alarms

- Raised £1,137.66! This allowed us to pay some of her bills and send gift cards so she can buy the things she needs for her home. 

- Filled her home with beautiful cards and flowers 

Thankyou so much to Fran, Lorraine and James for the flowers, to the carers and lovely people who offered assistance to Eileen, to Hannah, the Haywood family, the children at Mice to Meet You Playgroup in Manchester, to Phillip who offered to buy Eileen and her friends lunch, and every single one of you who bought gifts from Eileen’s wishlist and sent such beautiful cards and messages. Thanks also to Gala Bingo for all their support.

Eileen sadly had to see the worst side of human behaviour, but all of you turned it around and showed her how good people really are.