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#131 The Boulton Family

Request: Gifts / Messages / Tesco Gift Cards

This week, we want to help the family of a little girl who is fighting for her life in hospital after catching the flu.

Three-year old Ivie Boulton from Yate was first taken ill on January 24. She became very ill very quickly … her feet and fingers turned blue and she was very drowsy. Her mum and dad took her to an emergency appointment with her local doctor, who immediately called for an ambulance.

Ivie had fluid around her heart caused by an infection and doctor’s needed to remove it urgently. But as they tried, her heart failed. She was given CPR and put on a life support machine. Ivie is still fighting, but her heart is not working. She has now been moved to a specialist hospital in Newcastle as she needs a heart transplant. She is on dialysis to support her kidneys and her lungs have collapsed, so they need to get her stronger before she is able to be put on the transplant list.

Evie’s parents, Scarlett and Gavin, have three other children - Grace (Ivie’s twin sister), Kyla (aged 9) and Lexus (aged 12). Scarlett works as a delivery driver and Gavin is in construction. They were all staying in accommodation run by the Sick Children’s Trust initially, but the children are now going to be cared for by their aunt while their parents are up in Newcastle, which is likely to be months. They have had some great support from the local community, and friends and family have started a fundraising page to try to help cover their living costs. But this is a family who can do with all the kindness and support they can possibly get.

With your help, we wold love to do something kind for them during this horrific time.

What We Need

1. Gifts for Ivie’s siblings 
Kyla, Grace and Lexus have been incredibly strong through this whole ordeal. They have watched their baby sister fighting for her life, moved out of their home into temporary accommodation, and are now being cared for by their aunt. We would love to do something nice for them to let them know how brave and special they are. We have set up an Amazon wishlist with a few things their parents think they would like. To buy a gift for them, please click on the link below. It will be sent directly to their parents to give to them.

2. Tesco Gift cards
We'd like to help cover some of their food bills. To buy a gift card for Tesco, please click the link below.
Gift cards can be sent to:
52 Lives (Life 131), PO Box 329, Hampton, TW12 9DF.
e-Giftcards: can be emailed to: admin@52-lives.org

3. Messages / Cards
We want to show The Boulton family a lot of love, to let them know they are not alone. Cards or messages can be posted to: 52 Lives (Life 131), PO Box, 329, Hampton, TW12 9Df or emailed to admin@52-lives.org 

If you would like to make a donation to the family's own fundraising page, you can visit it here.


What We Did

At the end of the week we were trying to help Ivie's family, little Ivie sadly passed away. We are sending all our thoughts and love to her family at this horrible time. Thank you to everyone who sent messages, gifts and support for them. We have arranged for all of the gifts that were sent to Newcastle to be couriered to Ivie's siblings at their home. 

They are going through such a difficult time, and we just hope that your kindness can give them a little bit of comfort.