52 Lives

Life #13

Request: Warm bedding and clothes for a mother and her three children

This week, 52 Lives is helping a family from the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

The family, a young mother and her three children, are struggling financially.

I have met this family personally. The mother is an incredibly brave and kind lady who works as hard as she can to make a better life for her children, but things are difficult for them at the moment and a little bit of help would make a big difference. With cooler weather approaching, she has been trying to find money to buy warmer bedding (for 2 double beds and 1 single) and clothes for her and her children. We would love to be able to find those things for her.

What We Need

  1. Warm bedding and clothes for a mother and her three children. If you can help or if you know a kind business who might be willing to offer these items, please let us know.

(She could also do with a vacuum cleaner and a couch if anyone has any laying around!)

What We Did

This is what we took to the family. The lovely mum was so grateful she cried when I arrived with everything.

1. A brand new double duvet (doona) thanks to Camilla Betros

2. A brand new single duvet thanks to Mary Mitchell

3. A $150 Coles Myer Gift Card sent by someone 52 Lives helped in a previous week (the letter it arrived with is pictured left)

4. A $100 Coles Myer Gift Card donated by a kind local mum who wants to remain anoymous.

5. Some new warm clothes for the children and a second hand vacuum from 52 Lives.

6. And finally, some duvet covers donated by my mum!:

I wasn't expecting to be able to give the family new things - I thought it would be all second hand. Thanks so much to everyone for helping us do this.

A beautiful letter from a previous 52 Lives recipient, who sent the $150 gift voucher so our Life # 13 could buy warm clothes for her children.

"We are all in this world together and need to support each other. Let them know they are not alone."