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#122 - 150 children

Request: Christmas presents

Christmas Kindness Project

This week, we are running our annual Christmas Kindness Project, where we ask people to buy a gift for a child who is in need of some kindness.

We asked all of you to nominate a school or children's centre where there are a lot of children who may be in need of help, and from those nominations we have chosen 3 to help this year - Park Primary Pupil Referral Unit in Bradford, Shaftesbury Community Centre in Belfast and St Richard's Primary School in Hanworth. 

The way this works is we have asked each of the schools to set up an Amazon wishlist and fill it with gifts for the children who need them. The gifts will be sent directly to the school to give to either the child or the child's parents/carers (so they can give them the gift themselves on Christmas Day). The families we are helping live in various levels of deprivation - some will only be able to give their children very little, and others will struggle just to buy food on Christmas Day let alone presents. Your gift will help so many children to have a happier Christmas and take a bit of pressure of the families as well. I can't even imagine what it must feel like to know you can't afford to give your child a present on Christmas Day. But with your help, we will make sure none of these families have to experience that.

To buy a gift, please click on the buttons below. Here is some more information about the schools and children centre you will be helping....

Park Primary PRU, Bradford
Park Primary Pupil Referral Unit is small school, with just 50 children. All of the pupils have complex emotional and behavioural difficulties with associated learning difficulties – they’re referred to this school by the Primary Behaviour Panel because their needs can’t be met in a mainstream school. Many of the children arrive with a pretty negative view of education. But the school works hard to build their self-esteem and confidence from the moment they step through the door. Many of the children are from deprived backgrounds, and sadly a significant number will receive very little this Christmas.

Shaftesbury Community Centre, Belfast
This centre in Northern Ireland works with a lot of families in need. Some of the children that visit the centre live in extreme deprivation. They are facing situations where their parents struggle to buy food. Some of the families are refugees and have no recourse to public funds, while others are single parents surviving on very little.

St Richard's Primary School, Hanworth
St Richards is a primary school on the edge of London, for children aged 4 to 11. In the very first year of 52 Lives, we helped a lovely reception teacher at this school, Hannah, with some gifts and shoes for her students. Around 45% of children at the school are from deprived families, and many will struggle to buy gifts this Christmas.

What We Need

Christmas Presents! To buy a gift for a child, please click on one of the links below. If everything has been bought from the school's list, please check to see if one of the other schools still needs some help by clicking on their wishlist. Thank you so much! Your kindness will make big difference to these children.

Buy a Gift - Park Primary

Buy a Gift - Shaftesbury Community Centre

Buy a Gift - St Richard's Primary School