52 Lives

#120 - Denver school kids

Request: Donations for coats

This week, we want to help change the lives of the children at Doull Elementary School in Denver, Colorado. I first heard about these children after reading a story about their teacher that broke my heart.

Kyle Swartz is a third grade teacher at the school. 90% of children there live near or below the poverty line. One day, Kyle asked her students to fill in the blank in this sentence: “I wish my teacher knew _______.”

This is what some of the children wrote....

I contacted Kyle to see if there’s anything 52 Lives could do for her students. She said they are in desperate need of warm coats and jumpers. The Colorado winters are freezing and a lot of the children don’t have proper clothes to keep them warm.

They need 53 jumpers and coats in total - and we want to buy them all!

What We Need

Donations: Kyle has set up 2 pages on a fundraising website called DonorChoose, which helps schools fund things that they need and then buys the goods for them. Kyle's school will only receive the goods when the projects are fully funded, so we have divided our request in 2 to make sure we hit the targets! Please click the link below to make a donation. When the first target is hit, we will change the link to the second donations page. So by the end, we will have raised enough for 53 coats and jumpers! Donations are in US dollars and can be made via credit card or PayPal .

What We Did

In just a few days, every coat and jacket the list was bought and shipped to the school. Thanks to all of you, all of these children will be warm this winter. That isn’t just kindness, it is basic humanity. Thankyou so much everyone.