52 Lives

Life #12

Request: Professional help to declutter / pack / move - any of these or all three

This week, we have an urgent request to help an elderly lady who needs to move out of her flat on the 24th - in just a few days time.

Her name is Joyce and she lives in Putney, London. Joyce has fallen on hard times and is having to move from her current flat to a housing association flat in Tooting. She is in her mid-eighties and has no one to help her except her former neighbour, Lulu, who told us about her.

Joyce has a lot of things to sort through and pack and it is simply too much for them to do on their own.

Lulu has contacted every charity and government agency she can think of but has been unable to find help for Joyce's situation. With only a few days to go, she is getting quite desperate.

What We Need

A Professional help to declutter / pack / move - any of these or all three

We would like to hire professionals to help them with decluttering, packing and moving. Ideally all of the above, but even any one of those services would be a big help.

If anyone knows anyone who could offer some help, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

What We Did

A professional declutter, Cheryl from Every Home Matters, has come to the rescue in so many ways.

Cheryl has been working for free with Joyce for many days to help pack up her flat. She also recruited the help of Humpit Removals who have generously offered to move Joyce for free.

This amazing woman has also spent many hours on the phone to different agencies who may be able to help going forward.

Thanks to the kindness of these wonderful strangers, Joyce is getting the help she desperately needs.