52 Lives

#118 Riley and Holly

Request: Donations for special bedding / A dentist

This week we want to help change the life of a brother and sister in need of some kindness.

Riley is 5 years old and has a condition called long segment hirschsprungs disease, a disease of the large intestine which has severe effects on his daily life. He is in severe pain and is completely incontinent. Riley also has autism and a global development delay, meaning his cognitive age is around 3.

Day to day life is extremely difficult. Riley has to be washed and changed, and his bed stripped, around 4 times every single night due his nappy contents leaking all over the bedding. Riley gets quite distressed in the night and screams during the whole process. He is bathed again as soon as he wakes up in the morning. He then has around 20 nappy changes a day. The amount of washing and cleaning is absolutely enormous. Riley attends a special school during the day, but rarely can complete a full week at school as he gets tired very easily.

Riley’s 1 year old sister Holly was unfortunately also born with the same condition, and is awaiting a second surgery to try to help her.

Riley and Holly have an older brother who also has autism, and a sister who has a language disorder. The four children are cared for by their mum, Teresa, and dad Peter. Peter works for a large frozen food company, and Teresa stays at home with the children.

Teresa herself is suffering from problems with her joints, a severe dental issue, and also has bouts of depression. She is exhausted and in needs of some kindness. We want to do something to help this family.

What We Need

1. Donations for specialist bedding and equipment - Teresa and Peter have been trying to save so they can buy things to help make their life easier. They need specialist mattresses, bedding, clothing, and a changing bed, which amounts to over £1000. We want to buy it for them. Any donations we receive above what is needed will be used to help pay for Teresa’s dental work (see below). To make a donation click the link below.

2. A dentist in the Kent area - Teresa has a severe problem with one of her teeth, and the only solution she has on the National Health Service is to have her front tooth removed with no replacement. We’d like to find a private dentist willing to donate their services so Teresa can have a dental implant. If you can help, please complete the form below.

What We Did

We raised £1,352.06 in a week! This mean these children will now have the things they desperately need to improve their life. We bought them new furniture for their bedrooms, specialist bedding and clothing,  as well as more than £500 in gift cards. Thankyou so much to everyone who helped. It has made their life so much easier.