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#110 Logan

Request: A bed / Things for his room / Dinner for his parents

This week, we want to do something kind for a 4 year old boy called Logan.

Logan lives at home in Kent with his mum, dad and little sister Ava-Lily.

Logan was born at just 25 weeks, and had a severe heart problem called Tetralogy of Fallot. He also has a global development delay, meaning he doesn’t reach the expected milestones for his age.

In July, Logan had to have heart surgery to replace a valve, and has spent the summer slowly recovering. He will continue to have some minor symptoms of his heart problems for some time but is getting stronger every day. There’s also a concern he may be incontinent and in need of glasses soon but they are taking things one day at a time. And he is on track to start school this month, which is an incredible feat.

Logan’s little sister, Ava-Lily is 11 months old, and also has serious medical issues. She was born with half a heart and disorder of the spine. She had to have major surgery when she was just a few months old, and still has a long road ahead of her.

Her heart condition will never be repairable and she will always have just 1 pumping chamber, which will slow her growth and affect how much mobility she will have. Her spine disorder means that any day she could lose feeling to her legs and she also has bilateral clubfoot, which is being corrected with boots and bars. To most parents, first steps are important but with Ava, just wiggling her toes was an unbelievable moment for her parents.

Logan and Ava-Lily’s parents, Kirsty and Andrew, have both stopped working and are now full-time registered carers for their children.They spend a lot of their time at hospital appointments, and the rest of their days they do what they can to bring as much fun into their children’s lives as possible. This family is dealing with so much and we would love to do something kind for them.

What We Need

1. Gifts for Logan - Logan needs a new bed, a double buggy (he has a tendency to run off, so this will help his mum and dad when they are out and about) and sensory toys for his room. We asked his parents to set up an Amazon wishlist with some things he needs - as well as a few special treats for him. Some of the items they need are larger, so we have also added some gift cards so people can contribute smaller amounts.

2. Dinner - Logan's mum and dad rarely have any time to themselves, so we would love to give them an evening out together. If anyone has any contacts at restaurants in the Sheerness area in Kent, we would be grateful for your help. Please fill in the form below if you can help.

Buy a Gift

What We Did

We received almost £2000 in gifts and gift cards for the family - including some of the larger items they desperately needed, such as a bed. Thanks very much to the anonymous lady who bought Logan's bed, Shona Hilton for buying his WII and Christina Nightingale for taking to time to knit some beautiful things - I don't have everyone's names, and there are too any people to mention, but thank you to every single person who bought a gift or a gift card. You absolutely made his day! And made his family's life so much easier. 

£100 restaurant voucher - thanks to the lovely team at Logan's former nursery, Woodland Nursery and Pre-School 

The story was covered in the local press - click below to read the story